Wednesday, September 19, 2012



"While I'm proud of what we've achieved together, I'm far more mindful of my own failings, knowing exactly what Lincoln meant when he said, 'I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go."

--  President Barack Obama

We thank God that we have a president with the faith and humility to say, without reservation, that he knows exactly where to turn when faced with trials and adversity.  Many, many Catholics have been sharing the above video with their friends, family and parishioners.  Please do the same.  Don't only send this video to people in your parish who are undecided, but also to those supporting the President, so they can send it out to Catholics they know.  God bless you.


Anonymous said...

How in the world could our precious Catholic religion support someone who supports this??

Susan W said...

It just about makes me want to gag to see communism infiltrate the Catholic church. You are deceiving yourselves and others along with you. Wake up and smell the coffee. You are doing the devils work. When you sleep with dogs, you get fleas. No Catholic can vote for someone who supports infanticide. Obama is a liar and you have fallen in his spider web.

Susan W said...

Catholics for Obama is mislabeled. It should be Ex-Catholics or catholics-in-name-only for Obama. Anyone who votes for Obama is as guilty as he is and is complicit with his crimes against nature. Any Catholic who votes for Obama has excommunicated his or herself. The Bishops need to man up and call out you guys for who you really are. Father Z is right.

just jake said...

@Susan W: Has Father Z actually called upon the bishops to excommunicate Catholics who vote for Obama or are you just making that up, ahem, lying? Because you know what God says about bearing false witness, right? Maybe he did say that and lots worse but you should at least provide a quote and a source citation.

susan W said...

I never said that Father Z said that catholics who voted for Obama should be excommunicated. Get THAT straight. I was referring to your group "catholics for Obama". Father Z thinks it is a misnomer. The rest of my comments were my own. Don't put words in my mouth. Besides. I myself do believe that a vote for Obama puts a catholic outside the church in my and many others opinion. Obama is a traitorous piece of work and believes in infanticide and abortion anytime and anywhere. Otherwise, he is simply the worst, most corrupt president this country has ever had.

Paul said...

Of course!!! Fr. Z as chaplain to the Romney campaign. How obvious.

Fr. Z is a wealthy American who got an Italian bishop to make him a priest with the agreement that Fr Z will see that a few Euros go the bishops way but that otherwise Father is not bothered with any pastoral duties so he can write his blog and shuttle between his villa in Tuscany, townhouse in Manhattan and the better restaurants and wine cellars of the Eternal City.

I mean, Fr. Z's lifestyle just screams Mitt Romney.

Katherine said...


I let your above comment go thrugh, but with severe reservations. You have assumed a power no layperson has, to call a baptized Catholic who affirms eclessial communion with the Pope to be no longer Catholic because you have judged them so.

This is not a minor matter. it would be little different as if you claimed the power and right to hear confessions.

Baptism makes us Catholics. Sure, social discourse is at a low level right now. But declaring that a person baptized into the Catholic faith is no longer Catholic is grave matter.

I would encourage you to rethink your post.

Susan w said...

Katherine, it is but speculation. I do no pretend to know the hearts of men, but many Bishops---not the liberal ones, would certainly say that supporting a far left candidate that supports infanticide and who is at war with believing christians especially regarding conscience protections is certainly going against the teachings of the church. Obama is borderline communist. He truly believes in redistributions of wealth. Most would say, including myself, that it is the righ thingj to do to help those in need. But Paul in the New Testament says that if one does not work, than he shall not eat. There is an element in the Catholic church that has used religion for political gain and I believe that "catholics for Obama" has crossed that line. I teach confirmation, but it has always bothered me that the term "social justice" is used. Catholics have always taught and acted on Christs mission in the world. But that term I believe is also rooted in communism. We have a clear choice between a pro-life capitalist, or a pro-abortion dictator-wannabe socialist/marxist. It is not a difficult choice for me. I want to live in a free nation where the constitution is actually upheld, and where I have freedom of conscience, worship and religion. And I want a president who will tell us the truth and not constanly lie and lie.

susan w said...

Ok Katherine, I should have just said that any so-called Catholic, one who is pro-choice and who has no problem with gay marriage or contraception is just plain IGNORANT of the facts regarding this president and IGNORANT of the tennants of their faith. and if one is ignorant of these things, they have comminted no sin.

Katherine said...

'Ok Katherine, I should have just said..."

Yes, out of Catholic decency, you should have said something different. You denied the baptismal dignity and eclessial communion of other people wrongly. Something that is not yours to judge. You are free to disagree with others politically. You are not free to start declaring baptized Catholics no longer Catholic or claim the authority to excommunicate any more than to try to say Mass.

I appreciate your retraction, apology and humility.

just jake said...

Let us pray for the lives and the souls of the children to whom Susan W. teaches catechism. And the same for Susan W.

Does anyone have a link to an expose article about this character Father Z?. He sounds like an incredible dandy. Where did he grow up, go to school, earn a living, make his money, or did he inherit his riches like Romney? Has he ever performed any pastoral duties anywhere? Any other pertinent information? I looked at his website and got so bored so quickly that I couldn't bring myself to trudge through the sludge to make out any details.

Anonymous said...

You are pathetic, just jake. You need to pray for Susan W?? I think the reverse is true. As far as Father Z is concerned he is ten times the "man" you are. Come on, Kate, put another fake anonymnous comment on here where I supposedly call Jake a obscene name.