Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pope Sends Apostolic Blessing to Senator Kennedy

Senator Kennedy's letter to the Holy Father:

Most Holy Father, I asked President Obama to personally hand-deliver this letter to you. As a man of deep faith himself, he understands how important my Roman Catholic faith is to me, and I am so deeply grateful to him.

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I pray that you have all of God's blessings as you lead our church and inspire our world during these challenging times. I am writing with deep humility to ask that you pray for me as my own health declines. I was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago, and although I continue treatment, the disease is taking its toll on me. I am 77 years old and preparing for the next passage of life.

I have been blessed to be part of a wonderful family. And both of my parents, particularly my mother, kept our Catholic faith at the center of our lives. That gift of faith has sustained and nurtured and provided solace to me in the darkest hours. I know that I have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith, I have tried to right my path.

I want you to know, Your Holiness, that in my nearly 50 years of elective office, I have done my best to champion the rights of the poor and open doors of economic opportunity. I have worked to welcome the immigrant, to fight discrimination and expand access to health care and education. I have opposed the death penalty and fought to end war. Those are the issues that have motivated me and have been the focus of my work as a United States senator.

I also want you to know that even though I am ill, I'm committed to doing everything I can to achieve access to health care for everyone in my country. This has been the political cause of my life. I believe in a conscience protection for Catholics in the health field and I'll continue to advocate for it as my colleagues in the Senate and I work to develop an overall national health policy that guarantees health care for everyone.

I have always tried to be a faithful Catholic, Your Holiness, and though I have fallen short through human failings, I have never failed to believe and respect the fundamental teachings of my faith. I continue to pray for God's blessings on you and on our church and would be most thankful for your prayers for me.

Response from the Holy See:

The Holy Father has read the letter which you entrusted to President Obama, who kindly presented it to him during their recent meeting. He was saddened to know of your illness, and asked me to assure you of his concern and his spirtual closeness. He is particularly grateful for your promise of prayers for him and for the needs of our universal church.

His Holiness prays that in the days ahead you may be sustained in faith and hope, and granted the precious grace of joyful surrender to the will of God, our merciful Father. He invokes upon you the consolation and peace promised by the risen Savior to all who share in His sufferings and trust in His promise of eternal life.

Commending you and the members of your family to the loving intervention of the blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Father cordially imparts his Apostolic blessing as a pledge of wisdom, comfort and strength in the Lord.

Thank You, Senator Kennedy

"They called him the Lion of the Senate, and indeed that is what he was. His roar and his zeal for what he believed made a difference in our nation's life. Sometimes, of course, we who were his friends and had great affection for him would get mad at him when he would roar at what we believed was the wrong side of the issue. But we always knew and we were always touched by his passion for the underdog, the rights of working people, for better education, for adequate health care for every American,"

---- Theodore Cardinal McCarrick

Thursday, August 27, 2009

'Christians' Could Care Less About 45 Million Without Health Care

Conservative Protestants say U.S. health care system 'is working'

WASHINGTON — Conservative Christian groups on Wednesday (Aug. 26) ramped up opposition to health care reform, saying the current system "has problems" but "it is working."

Members of the newly formed Freedom Federation, includes, among others, the American Family Association, the Church of God in Christ, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council Action, Liberty University and the Traditional Values Coalition.

On abortion, Federation members said they are concerned that although the word "abortion" does not appear in the draft bills, it will be paid for by the government under the proposed reform.

Although an estimated 45 million Americans lack health insurance, federation backers said they support the current system. "There may be problems," one leader said, "but it is working."

Another leader agreed, saying, "America does offer the best health care in the world.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Republicans Still Hate FDR

News Item: ex-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) said Obama has "the most left-wing agenda since Roosevelt "
Really, Rudy? You think FDR is the type of President to be opposed at all costs? Are you still stuck on Republican Isolationism, opposition to Social Security, and Fair Employment Practices?

I say, Happy Days are Here Again! Vote for Roosevelt and Repeal!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Eunice Kennedy Shriver is ailing. Please remember her in your prayers.