Friday, January 27, 2012



Rep. Bill Johnson Attends Pro-life Rally Then Attacks Protections for Unborn Children
Posted January 24, 2012

Catholics United calls on Ohio Congressman to recognize the need to protect all unborn human life from Mercury poison

Washington DC – Yesterday Rep. Bill Johnson attended the annual March for Life and gave a speech in support of the need to protect prenatal human life. Only a few hours later, he then took the floor of the United States House of Representatives and railed against new public health standards that will specifically protect unborn babies and infants from Mercury poisoning. Mercury is a heavy metal that severely harms the brain development of children. Coal burning power plants are responsible for the majority of all Mercury pollution in the United States. In response to Rep. Bill Johnson's actions, Catholics United executive director, James Salt, issued the following statement:

“The dictionary states that a hypocrite is a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs. Yesterday Bill Johnson demonstrated just what this looks like. If Bill Johnson were serious about defending the lives of the unborn, he shouldn't attack the public health standards specifically designed to protect unborn babies from Mercury and heavy metal poisoning.”

For more information about Rep. Johnson's actions yesterday, visit:

For more information about the new public health standards that will protect unborn babies from Mercury poisoning, visit:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Archbishop Carroll High School Student Thrilled To Be Honored at the White House

On January 25, Bertha Castaneda was honored at a White House reception by President Barack Obama and received a private tour of the White House before the ceremony.

The White House Champions of Change program honors citizens across the country who are using projects and initiatives to move their communities forward. The honorees have each taken great strides to improve the lives of others through charitable work, faith and advocacy.

The child of hard-working Salvadoran immigrants, Bertha Castaneda attended Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School prior to attending Archbishop Carroll High School in northeast Washington, a Catholic high school of the Archdiocese of Washington. Asked what she was most looking forward to about the White House, she said she was most excited about meeting President Obama. She mentioned that all of her classmates at her Catholic school really appreciate President Obama and that they wanted her to convey their best wishes to hi.

President Obama recognized Bertha as an example of the hardworking students of Archbishop Carroll. She tutors as part of the National Honor Society and serves as a peer minister, seeking out students who are struggling with the social and spiritual crises of adolescence and counseling them. In addition, she, coaches younger students as part of the Augustine Scholars and started her own day camp when she was in 10th grade, recruiting neighborhood children to participate. On top of all of her extracurricular activities, Bertha has maintained a 4.07 GPA and like many immigrant students, Bertha serves as her family’s primary translator, handling bureaucratic responsibilities for her family that other teens don’t have to contend with.

Archbishop Carroll High School serves minority students with limited financial means and provides them an excellent Catholic education.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Mitt Romney said that President Obama "wants to turn America into a European-style entitlement society." There is not much evidence of that. The President's economic policies seem to be 100% American. They act to advance the common good in ways designed to work in our society and often come from ideas developed right here in the good old USA, sometimes (like with health care) coming from Mitt Romney himself.

But why the attack on European social welfare policies? These policies mostly are not from the Moscow but Rome. In Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the Low Countries and elsewhere (but not the Nordic lands or the UK), the socialist parties were not in power when their domestic social security policies were designed, implemented and enacted. In all of these countries it was CATHOLICS not Socialists who designed and put in place the social programs that now exist.

So if Romney does not like European social security, let him blame who is responsible, the Catholic Church and her social teachings.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Anti-abortion conservatives have long turned a blind eye to the corporate involvement in abortion, following the strange theory that "a baby is 'less dead' when aborted by the private sector."

Rick Santorum has gone beyond even that politically hacked standard. He is a profiteer from the abortion industry. Santorum has earned over $400,000 as a Director of Universal Health Services, a for-profit hospital and surgical centers chain that offers abortion services as part of their money making operations.

How can a man who says he is anti-abortion be an officer of an abortion provider? The conservative line here seems to be "it's not personal, just business."

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Rick Santorum has joined Mitt Romney in opposing an EPA rule to cut abortifacient toxins like mercury in the environment.  The Obama Administration has proposed a new standard to reduce these toxins which cause spontaneous abortions.  For unborn babies who survive these environmental abortions, one in six will still have harmful levels of mercury and other toxins in them.

It seems some on the political Left can't bear to restrict women in crisis pregnancies from aborting while Santorum, Romney and most of the Republican Party cannot bear to restrict Big Business from aborting babies.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bachmann, Cantor and their Love for Abortion Advocates


Many Catholics who support the President disagree with his position on the legal status of abortion. Nevertheless, there is dismay by the strident and partisan rhetoric used selectively to attack Catholic supporters of the President. We are told that we cannot support "the most pro-abortion president ever" and that those who are pro-choice are not just wrong on policy but evil people, knowingly participating in murder.

Yet, the other day, Rep. Michelle Bachmann compared herself to Margaret Thatcher saying she would be a leader like her. Margaret Thatcher clearly was "the most pro-abortion Prime Minister ever." We Catholics are damned for our support for the President, but a pass is given to those who would support Thatcher.

And Sunday, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor once again trotted out his wife as an example that he is understanding, non-judgmental, loving and respectful of people who are pro-choice such as she is (the same could be said of Newt Gingrich's daughter, a GOP abortion rights activist).

Those who try to protect the unborn, be it civil protections or reduction of toxins like mercury which cause spontaneous abortions, do good work. But using a double standard where slurs are thrown against the President, while a different standard is used for Bachmann, Cantor and Gingrich, just give witness to the fact they are really not so much about pro-life, but just have a sinful and unChristian hatred of Barack Obama.

Sunday, January 1, 2012



Bishop Stephen E. Blaire of Stockton, Calif., speaking on behalf of his brother bishops, demanded Congressional Republicans not proceed with their plans to block the Obama Administration's proposal to
cut the amount of poisonous mercury, arsenic and other toxins put in the air by big business.    These toxins cause the death of large numbers of unborn lives.  The EPA plans would reduce the amount by 90%.

"Children, inside and outside the womb, are uniquely vulnerable to environmental hazards and exposure to toxic pollutants in the environment," he said. "Their bodies, behaviors and size leave them more exposed than adults to such health hazards."

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, said that $9 will be saved in health and other costs for every dollar spent in compliance with the regulations. Jackson's two sons have suffered from asthma.

Mitt Romney and most of the other GOP presidential candidates are opposing the pro-life position taken by the Catholic Church on this issue.  By some estimates, mercury and other environmental toxins cause more unborn lives to abort than the total number of surgical abortions in the United States.