Sunday, September 30, 2012


Professor Stephen Schneck, of the Catholic University of America, our national Pontifical university, is the subject of a news article in CUA's student paper. 

The article reads:

Stephen Schneck, professor of political science and director of the University’s Institute for Public Policy and Catholic Studies (IPC) and the acting dean of social work does not limit his public influence to his professional career: he is also a co-chairman for Catholics for Obama.

Schneck actively campaigns with the Catholics for Obama campaign team, which includes Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and 18 others, and will travel all over the country in the upcoming weeks giving speeches on why Catholics should reelect President Barack Obama in November.

Victor Nakas, associate vice president for public affairs, said that Schneck’s actions are not a conflict of interest and are in line with the University and the Catholic Church’s stance that individuals are called to participate in the public sphere.

Schneck has not been quiet about his political beliefs and how he reconciles his faith with his party affiliation, especially on the subject of abortion and religious freedom.

He gave interviews to both EWTN and PBS describing his belief that it was actually more in line with Catholic teaching on abortion to vote for Obama

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just jake said...

God bless him with the energy and fortitude it will take to keep up with his grueling schedule, especially given the toll inflicted by all the smears that have been and will still be directed against him by a minority of Catholics intent upon imposing their right wing extremism upon the majority of us.

Anonymous said...

You people really are pathetic! You are supporting a murderer to continue running our country and call yourselves Catholic? People of God? Think again! This is absolutely disgusting! I will pray for you.