Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Protestant Ministers Join Catholic Bishops To Say Romney-Ryan Agenda is ‘Dangerous for America’

African American Ministers in Action, a national coalition of African American pastors, spoke out on Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan to be his running mate.

“Mitt Romney already had a dangerous agenda for America – especially Black America – and now he’s doubled down,” said Rev. Dr. Robert P. Shine, Vice-Chair of African American Ministers In Action. “Paul Ryan’s appalling budget proposal, if enacted, would strike an enormous blow to our social contract. It would absolve the very wealthiest of their obligations to give back to the country that supports them, while increasing the burdens on working people who are struggling to get by. It would rob from health care and food assistance and education to pay for tax cuts for billionaires. It would deny the least fortunate among us the opportunity to change their circumstances, while showering the most fortunate with tax cuts. These skewed priorities do not align with the teachings of Christ or with our highest American ideals.

“Like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, we believe that Paul Ryan’s vision for American ‘fails to meet… moral criteria.’ Now, Mitt Romney, in an effort to pander to the farthest of the far right, has adopted Ryan’s flawed vision as his own. We can’t afford to have Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the White House.”


Susan W said...

For heavens sake. Do you guys think that we can just spend and spend and spend into eternity and not worry about it? What would happen if you or I did that? We would lose everything. The nanny state and the spending aimlessly must stop. We are bankrupting our future and that of our childrens. It is crimial what ObaMA AND his party is doing. He is also weakening this nation militarily. Any person who votes for this unchristian man needs to have his or her head examined. You cannot serve God and the devil at the same time. What Obama does and espouses is pure evil.

Anonymous said...


That is the pot calling the kettle black. The Obama administration is trying to untangle a mess created by Republicans and businesses lost in greed, meanwhile striving to consider the well being of ALL Americans--elders, children, veterans, young adults, and future generations. Do you think the business community is going to care? Or the ultra rich? The Church cannot possibly care for all. This has to be the role of the governments--to help create the conditions for a healthy society. Where is the Lord in you when you lash out and call President Obama unChristian? It is by the fruit one can tell the presence of the Lord. Christ was an extremist--but only for love. It was the Pharisees and teachers of the law who were the brood of vipers--stingy, nasty, and ready to accuse--even lie--to serve their cause. Be careful who you listen to. Make sure they are bearing the fruit of the Lord.