Saturday, October 18, 2008

Should Catholics Trust McCain on Abortion?

Kari Lundgren, the Franciscan University of Stuebenville Alumna who wrote the earlier piece on Catholics and Obama has another article that might be interest. In it she quotes the exchange in the recent presidential debate in which McCain says:

SCHIEFFER: Senator McCain, you believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Senator Obama, you believe it shouldn't. Could either of you ever nominate someone to the Supreme Court who disagrees with you on this issue? Senator McCain?

MCCAIN: I would never and have never in all the years I've been there imposed a litmus test on any nominee to the court. That's not appropriate to do.

SCHIEFFER: But you don't want Roe v. Wade to be overturned?

MCCAIN: I thought it was a bad decision. I think there were a lot of decisions that were bad. I think that decisions should rest in the hands of the states. I'm a federalist. And I believe strongly that we should have nominees to the United States Supreme Court based on their qualifications rather than any litmus test...I voted for Justice Breyer and Justice Ginsburg. Not because I agreed with their ideology, but because I thought they were qualified and that elections have consequences when presidents are nominated. This is a very important issue we're talking about.


shiloh said...

Yes, 100,000 Missourians agree, Obama is trustworthy!


take care, blessings

shiloh said...


take care, blessings

Michael J said...

Maybe Kari Lundgren should pay attention to the Vatican and the US Bishops.

Denver Archbishop: Obama 'Most Committed' to Abortion.

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput says Catholics who support Barack Obama and his abortion rights agenda are doing a "disservice to the church."

Chaput, without getting into much detail, called Obama the "most committed" abortion-rights major-party presidential candidate since the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 legalizing most abortions.

"To suggest -- as some Catholics do -- that Senator Obama is this year's 'real' pro-life candidate requires a peculiar kind of self-hypnosis, or moral confusion, or worse," Chaput said according to his prepared remarks, titled "Little Murders."

Pro-Obama Catholics "seek to contextualize, demote and then counterbalance the evil of abortion with other important but less foundational social issues," said Chaput, who wrote a book this year, "Render Unto Caesar," about Catholics and politics.

Chaput said: "I think his activism for Senator Barack Obama, and the work of Democratic-friendly groups like Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, have done a disservice to the church, confused the natural priorities of Catholic social teaching, undermined the progress pro-lifers have made, and provided an excuse for some Catholics to abandon the abortion issue instead of fighting within their parties and at the ballot box to protect the unborn."

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Charlie Chaput (R-CO) is so able to peer into the soul and discern the intentions of people he has never met. No wonder his fellow bishoped voted him down at the bishops' conference.

Katherine said...

Notice Colorado has gone "red' to "blue" since Chaput became Archbishop. Interesting that the data shows Catholics in the forefront of making Colorado Democratic.

FinishTheRace said...

Obama is committed to "abortion rights" and McCain is not. Take an honest look at how they voted. Their voting record is a matter of public record.

Michael J said...

Well I left this part out.. the view from the Vatican.

Vatican official attacks U.S. Democrats as “party of death”

Vatican officials seldom single out political leaders who differ with the Church on issues like abortion rights or embryonic stem cell research. But now that the Vatican’s highest court is led by an American, the former St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, we can expect things to get more explicit in Vatican City — at least when when it comes to U.S. politics.

Burke, who was named prefect of the Vatican’s Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature in June, told the Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire that the U.S. Democratic Party risked “transforming itself definitively into a party of death for its decisions on bioethical issues.” He then attacked two of the party’s most high profile Catholics — vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — for misrepresenting Church teaching on abortion.

He said Biden and Pelosi, “while presenting themselves as good Catholics, have presented Church doctrine on abortion in a false and tendentious way.”

TO answer you question "Should Catholic Trust McCain on Abortion.. Yes especially when compared to Obama and Biden

Anonymous said...

What makes me angry is when Catholic bloggers say that voting for Senator Obama is "morally illicit."

Florentius said...

Obama has a 100% rating from NARAL--the national abortion rights action league. He voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion. He voted "present" on a bill to protect babies born alive during a botched abortion.

If you think he's pro-life, you're delusional and are putting your politics before the lives of the innocent unborn.

If you can watch this video by film star Eduardo Verastegui and still be an Obama supporter, then you are not Catholic. Pure and simple.


I challenge all of you supposedly pro-life Catholic Obama supporters to watch it and report back.

Mark said...

Burke and Chaput? That's al you got. How about a bishop who is not a right wing fanatical nut?

Katherine is right about the polls. These two old farts are the best thing Obama has going for him. Reports are now that McCain is pulling out of Colorado - whcih had been a strong GOP state -- thank you Chaput. And 100,000 people rally for Obama in St. Louis - and against Burke's political hackery.

Anonymous said...

No taking the Lord's Name in vain? Are you wackos kidding??? Talk about Cafeteria Catholics!! I think the Lord would rather his Name taken in vain than what you people are excusing.

I've said my Hail Marys, actually so many of them I've lost count. I live a mere few miles from the hospital that casually tossed a baby from a botched abortion into a janitor's closet to die. Not only to die, but to die alone. And your HERO Barack Obama made sure that every baby born from botched abortions can enjoy the same horrible death. One brave nurse stood against Obama and his infanticide supporters and that was the same nurse that went into that cold, dark closet and held that child until it was delivered into God's arms. She lost her battle against your idol and babies here in Illinois can still be slaughtered without a second thought.

You call yourselves Catholics? Are you kidding??? Voting for Obama is not only morally illict, it's a vote for the holocaust of the unborn!

Go ahead and justify not only abortions but the death of babies born of botched abortions and remember that justification. You're going to need it the day you need to explain it to the Lord. God have mercy on your perverted souls.

Anonymous said...

So THIS is the waiting room outside he gates of Hell. Hmmmmm. I would have thought it would be standing room only.

Anonymous said...

One brave nurse stood against Obama

A nurse who passes around the crazy story that the Chinese eated fetuses as a delicacy. She was fired as a nurse due to lack of professionalism.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Her name is Jill Stanek and she is crazy as a loon.

Kevin Gleeson said...

My dear pro-life, Catholic Obama supporters. Obama promised Planned Parenthood that the first thing he'd do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Bye-bye conscience clause for Catholic hospitals, doctors, and nurses.

Defend that. Or better yet vote McCain/Palin.

Obama clip and details here.

Rustler45 said...

AN ANONYMOUS COWARD SAID: "A nurse who passes around the crazy story that the Chinese eated fetuses as a delicacy. She was fired as a nurse due to lack of professionalism."


Baby eaters.

Baby Eating in China
True or False – An Associated Message

In China they are eating babies, in Loma Linda, they are — Harvesting Organs

The following is excerpted from an article in the January 1996 issue of Rutherford, the official journal of the Rutherford Institute (Charlottesville, VA). We have added subheads.

When reports of Chinese citizens eating human fetuses for health reasons surfaced in Hong Kong last year, many dismissed them as fiction . . , but when Eastweek and Eastern Express, two English-language publications based in Hong Kong, investigated, the reporters were in for a shock.


One investigator feigned illness and asked a Shenzhen hospital doctor for fetuses. Holding up a fist-sized glass bottle stuffed with ten thumb-sized unborns, the doctor said, “[They were] all aborted this morning. You can take them. We are a state-run hospital and don’t charge anything.” A private hospital spokes­man offered to sell the reporters full-term unborn, which he claimed “contain the best healing qualities.”

Zou Qin, a doctor who claimed to have aborted several hundred unborn and eaten 100 fetuses herself, said, “People normally prefer [fetuses from] young women, and even better, the first boy and a male.”

She justifies the practice: “They are wasted if we don’t eat them . . Zou Qin has fed fetuses to her sister’s children. “I wash them with clear water until they look transparent white and then stew them. Making soup is best.” A photo depicts Zou Qin smiling, holding up a tiny fetus which hasn’t made it to her bowl yet.

Do a Google search for "chinese fetuses." You'll find they're doing all sorts of weird things with fetuses. And it's not just the Chinese. European companies are using collagen from aborted fetuses in beauty products.

So who's the nutjob, dunceboy?

Rustler45 said...

You couldn't bear to see this in print could you Katherine?

Katherine, the Queen of Censorship.


"In his interview, Bishop Kicanas speaks of the importance of voters considering the "vast array of issues" in voting. This is not correct. Abortion is the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other human rights. Let's see what the late Pope John Paul II had to say about this question:"

"The inviolability of the person, which is a reflection of the absolute inviolability of God, finds its primary and fundamental expression in the inviolability of human life. Above all, the common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights - for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture - is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination" (Pope John Paul II, Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation Christifideles laici, "On the Vocation and the Mission of the Lay Faithful in the Church and in the Modern World," Dec. 30, 1988, No. 38b).

Kevin Gleeson said...

Rustler45, I don't have much of a history on this blog's forums, but I'm pretty impressed with what "Katherine, the Queen of Censorship" has left up here as this moment.

Anonymous: P.S. Her name is Jill Stanek and she is crazy as a loon.

Mrs. Stanek doesn't come off at all as a loon here, unless by that you mean she simply disagrees with you on infanticide.

Anonymous said...

Vote Hope?

That scares me....A man, a mere mortal politician, can never embody Hope. Hope is in Christ alone.

Katherine said...

And I am sure you would agree, its Christ first, not country first.