Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain Campaign Getting Ugly

Cultivating Prejudice, Racism, Fear and Ugliness.

The McCain campaign is on the ropes, and sadly it's no surprise they're responding with attacks and outright lies. Some pretty unspeakable things have been said in the past few days -- deeply offensive smears that we'll hear over and over again until Election Day. John McCain and Governor Palin are setting a new low in presidential politics with their dishonorable campaign.

Some of the comments by McCain supporters are not things for the faint-hearted. At a campaign rally in Ohio with Sarah Palin, one supporter make the clearly racist remark that "Obama has the bloodlines of a terrorist."

At a Clearwater, Florida rally with Sarah Palin, one supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, "Sit down, boy."

At another rally, a McCain supporter called out "kill him" akin to the crowd in Jerusalem asking for Barabbas' release (so much for pro-life).

In Wisconsin, supporters at a rally with McCain used obscene gestures. A man having a temper fit was applauded by the crowd.

One commentator noted that "If [McCain strategist] Steve Schmidt and the other architects of this increasingly disgraceful candidacy didn't anticipate such an outpouring of violent, racist bile, they are imbeciles. If they did, they are worse."

The Washington Monthly's Steve Benen writes: "McCain/Palin have reached a point where they have to decide whether whipping right-wing activists into a frenzy, based solely on lies, is the responsible way to seek national office. The Republican candidates are not literally calling for violence against their political rivals, but they're nevertheless standing by, saying nothing, while their supporters are shouting words like 'kill,' 'terrorist,' and 'treason' at their rallies. And given that this rage-filled hatred is in direct response to the McCain/Palin campaign lying to their supporters, now would be the ideal time for these candidates to take a look in the mirror and consider the consequences of a relentlessly negative, breathtakingly dishonest, anger-driven campaign."

John Cole observed: "The base is reacting. Whipped into a froth by their venomous cheerleading vice-jingoist in chief, a self-styled pitbull in heels, they are now shouting 'treason' and 'traitor' and even getting one fellow inspired enough to yell 'kill him."

The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates says: "[McCain and Palin] should be shook by the people they're attracting. We are getting a good look at the elements of the base now. These are not people just posting anonymously in internet forums -- these are people who literally believe Obama is a terrorist and showing up at rallies. [McCain and Palin] need to watch what they say. Somewhere, slumbering in this country, there are men who aren't clued in that this whole 'terrorist' thing is mere strategy. They have guns, and all their lives they've wanted to be famous. Don't give them a reason. This is still America. We are never that far from the past."

Blogger Jack Turner writes: "I was at Obama's rally at Independence Square in Philadelphia back in April. When he mentioned Hillary Clinton's name, the crowd booed, and he told them to stop. Barack Obama intervened when his supporters booed his opponent. He called for civility. Yet, when faced with supporters who label senators terrorists and call for their assassination, John McCain and Sarah Palin said nothing. This is how evil spreads, from domestic violence to genocide. People in a position to stop it choose to do nothing."

and "Everything we need to know about John McCain and Sarah Palin is summed up by their reaction to these incidents. [...] Not only do they bring out the worst in people, but they feed the worst in people. They are basing their campaign on painting Obama as a terrorist and monster. They are cultivating prejudice, racism, fear and ugliness. America has been down this path before, and it is the exact opposite of what this country needs right now."

As Catholics for Obama - Biden, this is a time for us more than ever to turn to the comfort of our faith and prayer. We need to respond to this hatred with love. We need to seek strength from prayer -- the Daily Office, the Rosary and, above all, Holy Mass -- and from meditation on Scripture and the spiritual works of the Church Fathers.

It is likely to get worse in the coming days. But the answer is to return hate with love.


shiloh said...

"Cultivating prejudice, racism, fear and ugliness"

That's the Republican party and the McZero campaign in a nutshell!

You Betcha!

take care, blessings

FranIAm said...

Reading this post made me cry. I cry because I fear, I cry because I hope, I cry because I am grateful.

This is an outstanding post and you said so many important things, for which I thank you.

And the way you end your post... I am so deeply moved that you return us to the heart of who we are as people of faith in the Catholic tradition.

This morning I went to daily mass and I was in a bit of a state after watching some video of some of the McCain/Palin supporters who are incited to violence and hate.

The homily was about how we must be willing to sit at the table with everyone... with everyone.

I tried to turn within and ask for the help I need to not get caught in the hate.

As our pastor often says - he loved his dad dearly, but his dad always taught him "Somebody hits you - you hit 'em back! And harder." Many of us were taught this and in all good intention and in love.

It is not however the way of the Lord, is it?

Pax et bonum.

Ella said...

You've written what I have been doing lately. All I know to do in the face of all this hatred and division is pray. But I also remember not-so-distant history. Our country has been ripped apart at the seams by fear-mongering and pure hatred toward differences. We were finally hoping for healing, and Palin then McCain started driving a stake through the heart of that healing this week. We have come to a time when the President may not be able to lead because hatred, bigotry and fear have overtaken so many. All the man wants to do is help heal the nation in a way he feels is appropriate and right. To demonize him is to allow the hate crimes to continue. Enough. I will continue to pray, but we must also speak out in love and reach for the common good, the better angels of our country.

Marie-Elsie said...

Remember that back in July Obama told us this is what they were going to do. Most people thought he was paranoid and made fun of him. The worst has yet to come. If by October 21 McCain is not moving up in the polls get ready to hear nastier stuff.

Did you think it would be easy electing the first American who happens to be Black to the presidency?

Rustler45 said...
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Rustler45 said...

Ya'll are just a riot! You're in a frenzy now. Just look at you! Ya know, when you stomp a snake there's a lot of writhing goes on.

"Obama has the bloodlines of a terrorist."

Well does he or not? His buddy Bill Ayers certainly isn't helping his image much.

And this article shows just how wacko you people really are.

MARIE-ELSIE SAID: "Remember that back in July Obama told us this is what they were going to do. Most people thought he was paranoid and made fun of him."

No they didn't. Marie, you're a full of it as this article. He wasn't paranoid, he was playing the race card. You're the one that's paranoid. Actually it's only typical liberal feigned paranoia just for the drama. Marie, you're a moron, Shilow the Shyster not withstanding.

Thanks for saying something stupid for us. We need all the entertainment we can get.

Great article Katherine!

Kathy said...

And you aren't getting ugly when you state that David Duke is supporting John McCain? I have sent you 3....count them THREE...messages urging you to go to Duke's website where he clearly states that he is NOT supporting either Obama or McCain and you have NOT posted one of them. I call that UGLY. I think spreading LIES about someone is a sin, Kate. Better pray to "Christ and His Mother" as YOU always say. Publish a retraction. I dare you! Jesus and His Mother are watching you, Katie girl.

Regina said...

Looks like the McCain ugly mob has found its way here.

Tricia said...

Thank you for being strong and posting your beliefs. As a fellow Catholic, I get looks of disbelief when others see that I am supporting Obama.

They can't believe it because he isn't "Pro-Life." I then have to state So, Republicans are Pro-Life - and then what happens when the child is born? They could care less what happens to the child. Cut off assistance that is needed for the child to receive proper care, food, etc. It seems to me that they only care about the child until “they” need to pay for it.

I do believe in the right to life. I am anti-abortion. But, if they truly believe they are pro-life, then they need to be throughout the whole life.

I am voting my conscience in November. I recall that Jesus was against Greed and Hatred? Am I right?

Thanks for letting me vent!
Because of him,


KevinK said...

"Cultivating prejudice, racism, fear and ugliness"

Obama has been the only one to inject race in to the campaign.

In PA he called Christians bitter -- that's fear and prejudice and fear.

No Catholic can seriously voting for Obama because of his support for abortion.

Kathy said...

Oh, I get it Regina, it's o.k. for Katherine to post a lie.

Marie-Elsie said...

"Ya know, when you stomp a snake there's a lot of writhing goes on"

I totally agree with you Rusty. McCain is a snake.

Marie-Elsie said...

How did he inject race into the campaign Kevink?

He is not the one saying that McCain is not patriotic. He is not the one saying that just because Palin pals around with secessionist that she does not love America.

Obama cannot help his skin color.

Martin M. said...

If bloodlines of a terrorist isn't racist I don't know what is. The remark made to the African American cameraman at the McCain rally is too vile to print here.

Any of course, Obama made no comments about Christian being bitter. Kevink, you betray your own prejudices in your comment. As for Kathy and Rustler, it seems they have influence the McCain campaign to adopt their style.

Michael J said...

Your right it almost made me cry as well. But not for you reasons you are crying.
To say one is a Catholic and for Obama is an oxymoron. Then to claim that McCain or Palin have control over some weirdo in a crowd is even less laudable.
Sorry to support someone who is for killing babies, and infanticide is neither moral or Catholic. But don’t take my word for it.
Taken from “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship”
As Catholics we are not single-issue voters. A candidate’s position on a single
issue is not sufficient to guarantee a voter’s support. Yet a candidate’s position on a
single issue that involves an intrinsic evil, such as support for legal abortion or the
promotion of racism, may legitimately lead a voter to disqualify a candidate from
receiving support.
Your comments that their campaign is racist and that some how they want someone to hurt Obama is absurd in the extreme.
Your logic is flawed.
Michael J,

Kathy said...

I should have known Katherine could post an actual LIE and her cult of followers would come to her defense.

Rustler45 said...

KATHY SAID: "I should have known Katherine could post an actual LIE and her cult of followers would come to her defense."

Hey Kathy, I looks like it's just me and you against the devils in here. We need an exorcist.

Anonymous said...

I’m saddened and amused all the same time by the writers who think that Republicans who run the party are pro-life. Conservatives use uneducated, and poor to middle income people to further their own goals. They could care less about abortion. What they care about is that the top of the pyramid keeps its money and that the tax system will be in their hands so that they can even make more money. They own this country by scaring you. Really, some of your anti-Obama writers would never ever be allowed in their country clubs. Neither would have Obama.

Anonymous said...

“To vote for a candidate who supports the intrinsic evil of abortion or ‘abortion rights’ when there is a morally acceptable alternative would be to cooperate in the evil – and, therefore, morally impermissible.”

Rustler45 said...

Ya'll are ACORN supporters aren't you? It's another one of those "Catholic Social" programs isn't it?

Obama Paid $800K to Violent and Radical Group ACORN.

Anonymous said...

Why is Russell so angry? Peace, brother, peace! I doubt you go to church.

Tricia said...


Tell me, why are you trolling here when your angry asses should be huddled in your corner trying to figure out what you're going to do when OBAMA wins in November.

Your camp is spitting out messages of hate and evil. Here's something for you Rightwing relgious nut jobs to think about as you sit in your trailer.

So lemme get this straight: The so called "salt of the earth family values" set, ya know... the Toady Karl Roves, John McCheaters, Diaper David Vitters and Widestance Larry Craigs of the GOP, claim that Barack and Obama and Michelle Obama are elitists and completely out of touch with real Americans and family values? Umm, yeah. If you consider growing up with a single mom and maternal grandparents on food stamps, rising above the south side of Chicago, working your ass off to get the grades to enter an Ivy League school AND graduate magna cum laude, wearing a $148 dress, being faithfully married only once, and paying off massive student loans while raising 2 daughters as elitist, outside of American family values, and somehow being totally different than everybody else than uh... yeah... sure.
Soooo... in comparison, the Beer Empire heirhead Cindy McCain is what exactly? A former Percocet addict who ripped off her own charity and forged her charity's physicians' DEA numbers to steal her drug of choice? Yep. A former beauty queen who happily committed adultery with John McCain while he was still married to the disabled and disfigured wife and mother of his 1st set of children? Yep. The daughter of a convicted criminal who became a millionaire via his bloody ties to the Bronfman Crime family? Yep. The 2nd wife of a "Keating Five" criminal who should have been jailed for his crimes? Yep. A frosty campaign queen who refused to release her financial records and racks up $750K on her credit cards in merely ONE MONTH? Yep. A home owner of at least 7 homes (yet one is for sale!) who doesn't pay homeowner taxes? Yep. I don't know about you, but the words "elitist rich bitch who has ZERO in common with me and my family" comes to mind when I think of the morally-missing Cindy McCreditCard and her money-from-the mob grubbing husband. And to think... I actually thought Hubby and I were r-e-a-l-l-y doing something when we wildly celebrated finally being able to pay off our credit cards AND gas up our cars and feed and clothe our kiddos in the same month! But then again, I also happen to think that being the vacuous smiling Stepford wife of an adulterous and unstable prick (who repeatedly said he never loved America, whom Vietnam Vets claim is unfit to be prez, whom military peers and a fellow GOPer also claims McCrazy is a hot head and unfit to be prez, and whose financial wizard-- Sen Gramm-- unspeakably claims that CEOs are underpaid) is pretty morally bankrupt, too. But there I go being all "middle class," "non-elitist" and "family values" again.


Michael J said...

Tricia said:
"off to get the grades to enter an Ivy League school AND graduate magna cum laude, wearing a $148 dress, being faithfully married only once, and paying off massive student loans while raising 2 daughters as elitist, outside of American family values, and somehow being totally different than everybody else than uh... yeah... sure"

I had to think about this one at first then I realized you were talking about Mrs Obama, well I think you are. I noticed you didn't talk about Berry. Why is that? Is it because you don't know anything about him. What did he do in college? What are/were his views? Who was his friends in College.. His words form his book, and narrated by him.
Marxist, socialist, radicals’, and racist group members? Hum...

It reminds of John Adams who said “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence”.

I know the others are flawed, and they own up to their flaws more than you can say for Barack Hussein Obama.

Let’s see, Berry has ties to POL members, Ayres (weather underground), now coming to light is his ties to the Odinga , Kenya mad man who Berry supports. You call those who don’t believe as you “nut jobs” but whose followers are having children sign songs to BO, and youth groups marching like military groups in BO’s name? Then you have Acorn who is trying to steal the election for BO... you are a little confused on who is the “nut job”

As for Acorn..
“In the midst of these pleasing ideas we should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections. If an election is to be determined by a majority of a single vote, and that can be procured by a party through artifice or corruption, the Government may be the choice of a party for its own ends, not of the nation for the national good”. John Adams Inaugural Address Saturday, March 4, 1797

Those on the left like to call those on the right “nut jobs or mind numb robots” Could it be those naming others in this way are just talking about their reflection in the mirror.

Pro Deo et Patria

Kathy said...

Oh, Tricia, you are so sporting LOVE when you accuse all on the right of living in a trailer???? HAHAHAHA!! If you truly worked your way through all that stuff in your background then I do give you credit. However, you sound awfully angry and resentful yourself. Suprisingly, in spite of what you think, most people on the right don't live in trailers....although that would be o.k., too. Most of us grew up in very similar circumstance as you. We worked and borrowed our way through school, are raising or have raised families, work hard at our jobs to pay off OUR student loans, etc etc. I suggest you take some time to reflect and get over YOUR hateful stereotypes about people who support McCain.

CatholicsForDemocracy said...

"'Obama has the bloodlines of a terrorist.'

"Well does he or not?"

I don't know, Rustler. What kind of bloodline does a terrorist belong to? Is there a terrorist gene I don't know about?

Personally, I thought terrorism was rooted in hate, some of the same hate you keep spurring in here.

Rustler45 said...

TRICIA SAID: Thoughts?

Yeah Tricia, you just gave away the whole crap shoot when you said, "As a fellow Catholic, I get looks of disbelief when others see that I am supporting Obama."

Tricia, as a Catholic you just explained all these biased articles trying to make it sound as if Catholics for Obama are in some kind of majority are lies. That they are flocking to Obama. Your statement proves that you people are in the extreme minority.

BTW I am a Catholic not a Republican. I agree with everything you said about McCain and the Republicans. Every time the Republicans call me for donations they get a good chewing out. I tell them that when they start standing for something I will give them some money and not before. I vote for McCain because I have no other choice. My vote is against Obama not FOR McCain. The problem is Obama makes McCain look like an amateur.

Obama is a lying Marxist abortion promoting fiend. He's a snake. He's a Muslim. Your problem is that you can't come to grips with the fact that Catholicism and Marxism are on opposite ends of the spectrum. You are a liberal and you don't admit that there is no real difference between you and a Marxist. Catholicism and liberalism are mutually exclusive. To call yourself a Catholic you have to believe what The Church teaches. If you don't believe it as an adult you cannot be Baptized into The Church. Liberals believe that you can believe whatever you want and everything is all OK. Do you not grasp that problem? That's why all those other Catholics are looking at you in disbelief that you can live such a contradictory life.

It's not McCain bad, Obama good. It's McCain bad, Obama a devil.

Why do you think I called you a liar when you said you're pro-life Tricia? It's because you cannot be pro-life and vote for Obama. He clearly states that he is going to vote FOCA. That's not his only issue. He is on the wrong side of every Catholic moral issue. Every single one.

As far as your accusation that I am angry, I am not angry, I am appalled. You people always try to justify your radical ideas by accusing the normal of hate and anger. So, I am appalled and frustrated, but I have hope.

TRICIA SAID: "Tell me, why are you trolling here when your angry asses should be huddled in your corner trying to figure out what you're going to do when OBAMA wins in November."

Well Tricia, I am not going to worry about it. I have been watching this happen for 50 years, since I was a teenager. I am here because I cannot bear to see such utter lunacy take place without speaking up. As to trolling, I am only here because Katherine invited me. She IS a troll. She's been out there on the internet trolling dozens of places making a nuisance of herself. She was trolling in Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam when I first met her.

BTW Obama is not going to win. I say that with reservation. My reservation is that he won't win if the voting system is not tampered with. The Democrats have long been known for stuffing the ballot boxes. It's the only way they can win, crooked elections. Already the facts are coming out that there is voter fraud going on (i.e., ACORN).

Why is it that the Democrats can't win without a crooked election? It's because they are corrupt socialists (i.e., Marxists/communists). The American people are basically good people and don't want socialism. Which BTW is another antithesis to Catholicism. WE want normal. WE want Christian values. WE want the freedom that our soldiers have died for. The American people do not want radicals, Marxists (same thing), lunatic fringe wackos, closet Muslims, etc., etc. Since the Democratic Party has become the "one issue" party (abortion on demand) all the pro-life people have left it. Now you have nothing left except the nutjobs.

I said, "I have hope." By that I mean that even if Obama ends up in the White House, my hope is that you and many others will finally see the truth and finally accept real Catholicism not liberalism and socialism. My hope is that at least before you die that you are forced to admit the truth and repent of this sin you are committing. That's more important than anything else.

Now think about it.

Rustler45 said...

DEMO SAID: "Personally, I thought terrorism was rooted in hate, some of the same hate you keep spurring in here."


CatholicsForDemocracy said...


Yet you're the one who's shouting. I don't hate you, Rustler, I pray every night that you come to know Jesus at so intimate a level that you can draw on Christ personally, and then share your relationship with Christ with others, rather than use Christ's name arbitrarily to promote a socio-political ideology.

Anonymous said...

Massa McCain just said he would "whip" Obama.

Anonymous said...

Its getting Ugly in the Pulpit as well. Our Bishop here said in a radio interview "It is a grave sin to vote for Obama and you will have to face God on Judgement day for voting Pro Choice"

Rose said...

No bishop, even Bishop Chaput, has said that one cannot vote for Obama. The bishop's diocese would lose its tax status. You want to end abortion -- quit insisting that responsible family planning using modern methods of birth control is sinful. Europe has far lower abortion rates than we have because most Europeans realize that the only reason the Catholic Church still talks against using contraceptives is that it doesn't know how to wiggle out of its original position.

Rustler45 said...

Rose, I hope you tied your tubes so that you can never have any children. We don't need you in the gene pool.

My gosh, I hope you haven't had any children. It's really sad your mother didn't use the pill.

I really believe that all forms of birth control and abortion should be open to liberals. The Church needs to come out of the Dark Ages on this issue. They should have been sterilizing liberals years ago. What a blessing that would have been to all of us.

You people don't like children anyway. So why do you even have TWO of the little bastards(I am only referring to the offspring of liberals)? I have never known any children of liberals that weren't lazy, selfish, self-centered little brats anyway. They never do any real manual labor, they go to college and major in sociology. They are just a major nuisance. Look around church. You can spot them (and hear them) a mile away. You look at them and you just know their parents are liberals.

Katherine's mother should have gone to jail for not aborting her.

Rustler45 said...


CatholicsForDemocracy said...

"Rose, I hope you tied your tubes so that you can never have any children. We don't need you in the gene pool."

Rustler supports artificial birth control. Who'da thunk?

Mary said...

Rose, God loves you so very much. Praise the Lord that you were allowed your rights to continue life in your Mothers womb. Remember Rose that with contraception such as the pill IUD spermicides, they are abortifacient drugs and devices. As a Catholic "I know that the Catholic Church is in no way wanting to wiggle out of it's position." As you suggested.

Rustler45 said...

Spay and neuter your liberals today.

Rustler45 said...

DEMOGENIUS SAID: "Rustler supports artificial birth control. Who'da thunk?"

Yeah, after thinking about Rose's stupid post I came to a new enlightenment. Birth control for liberals. It's the answer. Spay and neuter them all.

Anonymous said...

dear fellow catholics,

i implore you to reconsider your position and support your unborn brothers and sisters!

In Christ,

faithful in illinois