Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bill Donohue Prepares for the Padded Room

Right Wing Catholic Bill Donohue Appears to Go Totally Nuts
Has near breakdown as Catholic vote speeds towards Obama

Bill Donohue, hard right political activist and head of the "Catholic League" (unrelated to any official arm of the Catholic Church) has practically descended into a fit of nonsensical rage as millions of lay Catholics prepare to vote to make Barack Obama our next president.

Donohue, who regularly spews rage to the degree he makes Rush Limbaugh look like a policy analyst for the Brooking Institution, has reached the bonkers level.

On October 20, Donohue practiced his favorite sport of putting out press releases intemperately defending the right wing cause. On this occasion he had a fit over two Catholic organizations (Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good) receiving contributions from the Open Society Fund.

Donohue snarled: "Why would any Catholic organization take money from a man like George Soros? Because legitimate sources of revenue aren't available? And why would Soros have any interest in funding Catholic groups? He doesn't give the Catholic League any money."

As it turns out many Catholic organizations receive support from the Open Society Fund, including Catholic Charities, several dioceses and other episcopally approved and officially church connected organizations. True, it might not meet Donohue's definition of giving to a Catholic group -- namely his own nutzoid organization.

Faced with looking like an absolute fool, Donohue came back with a lame response that “Unlike the three Catholic organizations cited by Korzen, Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance are apologists for abortion."

Neither of these groups supports abortion, as they repeatedly have stated. Pressed for some thin thread of evidence that these groups are pro-abortion, Donohue whined he could not find a statement from them supporting legislation to ban partial birth abortion. Actually, both of these groups were founded after the law banning partial birth abortion was signed into law.


shiloh said...

Knowing that Donohue is an absolute raving deranged lunatic! ... Let us all take time to pray for his totally racist/prejudiced soul!

take care, blessing

Rustler45 said...

Can this blog ever post anything of substance?

SHYSTER RAVES: "Knowing that Donohue is an absolute raving deranged lunatic! ... Let us all take time to pray for his totally racist/prejudiced soul!"

With that kind of nonsense Shyster, you need to pray for your own soul. It's really sad when you are so left wing that a normal Catholic is a "deranged lunatic."

His question, "Why would any Catholic organization take money from a man like George Soros?" is a perfectly good question that needs an answer. Just why would ANY Catholic take money from George Soros? If that makes Donohue insane then I guess all real Catholics are insane.

That assinine article should have been about how insane George Soros is. Your calling Donohue a racist makes you a LIAR Shyster, but what's new. Katherine can't find an article for this blog that isn't written by a lunatic fringe nutcase.

In the fourth century Abba Antonios said: “The time is coming when people will be insane and will behave like madmen. And if they see anyone acting reasonably, they will rise up against him saying: ‘You are insane you are not like us.”

Abba Antonios was talking about liberals Shyster. He was talking about YOU Shyster, you, Sean, Katherine, Kurt, and Demo.

It's not surprising though. Liberals can never justify their positions and are force to do Ad Hominems rather than deal with their own traitorous attitudes.

I notice the author's name isn't posted with that article. What? Is he too ashamed or is he afraid that we will know that HE is the one who needs a padded cell.

CatholicsForDemocracy said...

"It's not surprising though. Liberals can never justify their positions and are force to do Ad Hominems rather than deal with their own traitorous attitudes."

Projecting again, are you? Really, you should go visit a therapist about that.

You know, you and Donohue do have one thing in common besides your foul mouths. You guys are the best apologists for the left we have. Every time one of you two opens your mouth, we get new converts. We do appreciate your efforts, Rustler. Even if we won't admit it in polite company.

Becky said...

Oh for goodness sakes. First of all, if a blog posts an entry and doesn't list someone else that authored it, one is to assume it was written by the person whose name is right underneath the entry. Are you new?

Also, rustler45, in your "argument" against the other people and the post, you didn't cite any evidence going against what was stated in the article. You just attacked the other posters and liberals in general. Although after following the link in your profile to your website, I'm not surprised.

Anyway, do you really think you are going to get anyone over to your website to be converted to the "right" way of thinking by talking to people like that? And if that isn't your goal, why spread your nastiness here?

And no, I don't work for the site. In fact, I only recently found it. But even someone new to the site can be sick of the nastiness already.

Anonymous said...

I'll listen to arguments that are staunchly pro-life once the debaters can be charitable while offering their stance. All I have seen on here is name calling, excessive use of capitalized letters and incomplete representation of the issue. People need to go back and reread the message the Pope put out four years ago.

martin m. said...

Donohue is losing his marbles.

FranIAm said...

martin m.- losing? lost!

Florentius said...

Has anyone on this blog seen this video and reacted to it? It's awesome.

Hard Reality

Anonymous said...

No. Have not seen it. Too busy pondering Rustler's insightful analysis. Does it include a blinking bovine?

Rustler45 said...

BECKY SAID: "Also, rustler45, in your "argument" against the other people and the post, you didn't cite any evidence going against what was stated in the article."

Becky, you're a dunce. That article was nothing more than an Ad Hominem attack against Bill Donohue. Any idiot can see that no evidence other than the article is necessary. It was purely the sick minded author's twisted opinion. Whoever wrote it is just spewing rage at Bill Donohue without the slightest proof of anything. It's obviously from some liberal who hates The Church and anyone who stands up for it.

BECKY SAID: "But even someone new to the site can be sick of the nastiness already."

You mean like that vile poison pen article which attempts to destroy the good name of a good man?

BECKY SAID: " is to assume it was written by the person whose name is right underneath the entry. Are you new?"

No, you're the dummy that's new. Katherine's name was under that. It was written with her kind of vitriol, but she could never author anything like that. She doesn't have the vocabulary nor the intelligence to write at the 4th grade level.

Haven't you noticed? Oh I forgot, you're new to forums and blogs. Everything she writes appears to be written by a drunk. Notice all the typos and misspellings in her posts.

Rustler45 said...

Demo, you're number for the Witless Protection Program is #14. Pack your bags.

See ya!

Rustler45 said...

You people are really something. George Soros is evil personified and a completely wacked out fringe lunatic, but you put him on a pedastle and berate Bill Donohue a genuine Catholic defending the faith from the wackos, perverts, and other Marxists. Here's the story you should have been posting in here, but no you're against truth, Catholicism, and free speech so you slam Bill Donohue.

Billionaire leftist funds liberal Catholics
Jim Brown - OneNewsNow -
10/25/2008 4:20:00 AM

Billionaire investor George Soros is bankrolling liberal Catholic groups that support abortion.

An investigation by the New York-based Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights finds that George Soros' Open Society Institute gave Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good $50,000 in 2005 and $100,000 in 2006. Catholic League president Bill Donohue suspects that Soros may also be funding the group Catholics United, an organization with which Catholics in Alliance has a formal relationship. Donahue contends both groups are "in the pocket of the Democratic Party" and are trying to sell Catholics the notion that they can be opponents of abortion and not seek to overturn Roe v. Wade if they support minimum wage and more welfare benefits.

"George Soros, who's basically an anti-American, far left-wing, pro-abortion, anti-Semite, anti-Catholic, is funding the Catholic left. Now, if the Catholic League were getting money from an anti-American, far right-wing, pro-abortion, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic source, we'd be out of business in a New York minute," Donahue says. "By the way, George Soros lavishly funds Catholics for Choice, previously called Catholics for a Free Choice."

Donohue suggests Soros is attempting to make respectable the idea that one can be Catholic and promote abortion. However, Donohue notes Pope Benedict XVI has said some issues for Catholics are non-negotiable -- including abortion.

Rustler45 said...


Remember what I said about how the left (i.e., liberals) hate free speech and especially the hard questions that expose their lies?

Obama Campaign Cuts Off Interviews With Florida TV Station
Biden gets asked tough questions
by Orlando reporter

Rustler45 said...

Barack Obama’s campaign killed all interviews with a Florida TV station after Sen. Joe Biden, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, faced tough and critical questions from a reporter at the Orlando station.

During a satellite video Thursday, WFTV’s Barbara West quoted Karl Marx and asked Biden how Obama’s comment to "Joe the Plumber” about spreading the wealth wasn’t being Marxist.

“Are you joking?,” Biden asked.

West replied, “No.”

Click here to watch the interview.

Later in the interview West questioned Biden about his comments that if Obama wins the election next month, he would be tested early on as president and wanted to know if Biden was implying America was no longer the world’s leading power.

“I don’t know who’s writing your questions,” Biden asked her.

The Obama camp then killed a WFTV interview with Biden’s wife Jill, according to an Orlando Sentinel blog.

“This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign, according to the Sentinel.

Rustler45 said...


This lawsuit against Obama is by a Democrat!!!!!!! He's goin' DOWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Here's Hillary's back door to the White House. She's still planning on getting there. That's why she never conceded. She hates black people and especially one who beat her out of the candidacy! She's a sore loser and she plans to GET him. hahahahahahahaaaa That bitch never gives up!

Here's the story folks (Obama is a liar and a fraud. He's not a natural born citizen or else he'd prove it).

Obama Refuses to Answer Birth Certificate Lawsuit

Friday, October 24, 2008 4:16 PM

By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

A Pennsylvania lawsuit alleging that Barack Obama is not a “natural-born citizen” of the United States took an unusual twist this week, after a federally mandated deadline requiring Obama’s lawyers to produce a “vault” copy of his birth certificate expired with no response from Obama or his lawyers.

The lawsuit, filed by former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip J. Berg — a self-avowed supporter of Hillary Clinton — alleges that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is thus “ineligible” to run for president of the United States. It demands that Obama’s lawyers produce a copy of his original birth certificate to prove that he is a natural-born U.S. citizen.

Berg's suit and allegations have set off a wave of Internet buzz and rumors, though Obama could easily have put the matter to rest by providing the federal court with the basic documentation proving he is eligible to take the oath of a president. But Obama has apparently decided to deny the court and the public that documentation.

The Constitution provides that any U.S. citizen is eligible to become president if the person is 35 years of age or older and is a natural-born citizen; that is, born in the territorial United States.

By failing to respond to the Request for Admissions and Request for the Production of Documents within 30 days, Obama has “admitted” that he was born in Kenya, Berg stated this week in new court filings.

Berg released a long list of “admissions” he submitted to Obama’s lawyers on Sept. 15, and asked that they produce documents relating to Obama’s place of birth and citizenship.

Instead of responding, lawyers for Obama and the DNC asked the court to dismiss the case. But Judge R. Barclay Surrick of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has issued no ruling in the case that would have given Obama’s lawyers more time.

“There are lots of legal ways to stonewall,” a well-placed Republican attorney told Newsmax, who was not authorized to comment officially on the case. “But failing to respond is not one of them.”

“The first thing they teach you in law school,” he added, “is don’t put a complaint like this in a drawer. That’s how a nuisance case can become a problem.”

The 30-day deadline for defendants to comply with a discovery request is set forth in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures.

“It all comes down to the fact that there's nothing from the other side,” Berg said after he filed a motion on Thursday for summary judgment.

“The admissions are there. By not filing the answers or objections, the defense has admitted everything. [Obama] admits he was born in Kenya. He admits he was adopted in Indonesia. He admits that the documentation posted online is a phony. And he admits that he is constitutionally ineligible to serve as president of the United States.”

In a contentious case, lawyers on both sides will haggle over the production of documents, and will frequently go beyond the deadlines, several lawyers told Newsmax.

“The rules are more often complied with in the breech rather than the observance,” a senior trial attorney who has close ties to the Democrat Party, but is not involved in the current case, told Newsmax.

“Lawyers frequently do not return telephone calls or meet discovery deadlines because of sheer inadvertence. Therefore, we do not consider a failure to respond as a ‘violation,’” he said.

Allegations surrounding Obama’s place of birth have been swirling for months. Earlier this year, the Obama campaign sought to put down the rumors by making available a computer-generated Certification of Live Birth, issued in 2007 by the State of Hawaii. [See the Certification of Live Birth — Click Here.]

Respected conservative blogger Ed Morrissey called the Berg lawsuit a “conspiracy theory” that had been put to rest by the Obama campaign over the summer but ”has arisen like a zombie yet again to suck the credibility out of the conservative blogosphere.”

However, the 2007 document produced by the Obama campaign omits key information that normally appears on birth certificates in the United States, including the name of the hospital where he was born, the size and weight of the baby, and sometimes the name of the doctor who delivered him.

In addition, the critics of the 2007 document note that Obama's father is described as “African,” a term used today. The formal language in official documents at the time — 1961 — would have identified his race as “Negro” or “Colored.”

The Web site has produced a vault copy of a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth from 1963, issued by the Hawaii Department of Health. [See the vault copy — Click Here.]

In addition to naming the hospital and more details about the baby, the 1963 vault copy also includes the “usual residence of the mother,” and the “usual occupation” of the father. None of this information appears on the 2007 Live Birth certificate produced by the Obama campaign.

Berg has been a perennial political candidate in Pennsylvania, having run in Democrat primaries for attorney general, lieutenant governor, governor, and other offices without success. He served as deputy attorney general of the State of Pennsylvania from 1972-1980.

His credibility was tarnished by work he did for the far-left “9/11 for the Truth” campaign, which alleged in a federal lawsuit that the collapse of the twin towers in New York was caused by “controlled demolition” ordered by the president of the United States.

Nevertheless, in recent weeks, lawsuits have been filed in seven additional states demanding that Barack Obama produce an original vault copy of his birth certificate, to dispel the rumors that he is not a natural-born United States citizen.

The latest suits have been filed in state and federal courts in Hawaii, Washington, California, Florida, Georgia, New York, and Connecticut to compel Obama to release his birth records.

Lawsuits in Washington and Georgia are seeking state superior courts to force the states’ secretary of state, as the chief state elections officer, to require Obama to produce original birth records from Hawaii, or else decertify him as a candidate for the presidency.

Ironically, Obama mentions his birth certificate in passing on Page 26 of his 1995 memoir, “Dreams of My Father.” “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school,” he wrote.

Lawyers for Obama and the DNC did not return calls for comment on the current status of the case, or explain why the Obama campaign did not simply put to rest the whole controversy by releasing the birth certificate that Obama apparently cherished as a teenager.

In the past, questions about Sen. John McCain's legal status have arisen. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone at a U.S. Army hospital. McCain had legal experts vet his constitutional qualifications, and he also disclosed a copy of his birth certificate.

© 2008 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Rustler45 said...


The number of comments in this thread goes up and then it goes down.



Rustler45 said...

WITLESS PROTECTION SAID: "#15 Report to the front desk. Yes you Becky. You're an idiot and need protection. Mostly from yourself. Now see if you can remember the number 15 because that's you until we can find an appropriate name. It may be a while because dunce, idiot, and pervert are already taken.

Rustler45 said...

"there may be times when a Catholic who rejects a candidate's unacceptable position may decide to vote for that candidate for other morally grave reasons. Voting in this way would be permissible only for truly grave moral reasons, not to advance narrow interests or partisan preferences or to ignore a fundamental moral evil." --Bishop Steib

OK folks, this statement by Bishop Steib means that you can vote for McCain. It DOES NOT ALLOW you to vote for Obama since on every single issue Obama fails the Catholic test of morallity.

Rustler45 said...

QUOTED BY SHYSTER: "The Catholic right is also flummoxed by a resurgence of Catholic organizing around social justice issues like war, health care, and the economy."

Shyster, the idiot that wrote that is a dunce and a liar. First there is no Catholic right of any consequence. By "right" you're talking about schizmatic groups such as SSPX. The rest of the Church is just Catholic. His, and your attempt to put Catholics who believe the Teaching Magisterium of the Church into a right-wing definition is feeble. There is no resurgence. Your "resurgence" is the same old socialism rearing it's ugly head for one last breath before it succumbs.

SHYSTER LIES AGAIN: "...although it is somewhat amusing to see the hate mongers wallowing in their negativity...."

Hate mongers? Where are they? The liberal snake always whines when it gets stepped on--"hate, fear, hate, fear, hate, fear...."

You're a whiner Shyster.

"McZero?" hahahahahaha the only candidate that has a zero to start is name is 0bama! So I'd say you properly labeled him McZero.

SHYSTER WHINES SOME MORE: "Doesn't make much sense to post on Katherine's blog if you are totally against Obama..."

So once again Marxists pretending to be Catholic want to suppress free speech.

And then there's the brilliant Sean.

SEAN LIES AS WELL: "Amen, Shiloh! They have nothing to contribute to a civil discussion and its shows."

You pinheads cannot and have not had any kind of a civil discussion since I have been here. You're basically all too illiterate to intelligently defend your positions.

You said months ago, "proportionate reasons." I asked what they are and not one of you dunces could delineate a single one.

I listed my proportionate reasons for voting for McCain. You don't have any to justify voting for Obama and you want to whine, "They have nothing to contribute...."

You crack me up Sean. Go get back on the dunce's stool and quit pretending that you know something.

KURT SAID: blah blah blah blah ad nauseam.

Kurt, you're a liar as well. You silly little snake. You got caught lying weeks ago and conveniently disappeared. Now here you are assbiting. That's about all you're good for Kurt.

Rustler45 said...

DEMOCATHOLIC SAID: "Are you confused? Probably so. That's why you should probably not be presenting yourself as a moral authority."

She isn't confused. You are. Material support is still a mortal sin. As far as mortal sin is concerned when you are facing judgment whether or not you are excommunicated is not going to make the slightest difference in the temperature of your final resting place. Mortal sin, in fact does excommunicate you from the sacraments.

It's best if you don't try to make YOURSELF a moral authority.

Rustler45 said...

DEMO SAID: "Not only are they intellectually lazy, they are also ideologically empty."

Well, well, well, a homo who thinks normal sex is perverted has just spoken.

You my little moron friend, are intellectually dishonest. You call yourself "Catholics for Democracy" and you don't even understand that Democracy is intrinsically evil. You claim to be a philisophy major yet you don't know anything about Aristotle and couldn't comprehend a thing I told you. You are a left-wing Marxist liberal and cannot grasp the contradiction of that with the Teaching of The Church yet you call someone else ideologically empty?

DEMO SAID: The McCain camp and those who support him have no positive agenda to offer the American people.

You nutcase, I haven't heard a single person who has come here against Obama support McCain. We are not supporting McCain we are voting against Obama. How many times have I told you that I am not a Republican? Yet you continue this stupid axx diatribe about McCain.

I have told you my proportionate reasons for voting for a candidate that has moral problems. They fit with the bishops directions on voting. Yours do not.


DEMO WHINES AND WHINES: "The only thing they have is the ability to scare and bully people after voting for the camp who does."

So, you're scared and bullied? You're a blatant sissy and you're full of bxllshxt Demo.

Next you're probably going to tell me that Sean, Shyster, and Kurt are not intellectually lazy nor ideological dunces.


If those three bozos are your examples of great intellect, I need say no more.

CATTY SAID: "Studies have shown that the kinds of policies that Obama wants to push through would reduce the rates of abortion."

And just what nitwit studies are those Catty? That is what is called a logical fallacy. It's name is "Studies have shown."

You don't have any studies you liar.

CATTY SAID: "Poverty and abortion are inherently intertwined."

No they're not.

And you are going to tell us about intellectually lazy. You must be... No don't tell me... You're a blonde!

CATTY SAID "Outlawing abortion doesn't fix the glaring flaws in our society that lead women to abortion."

So, you're pro-choice. That makes you a liar one more time. You don't care about abortion. You are just another lying Marxist.


Rustler45 said...

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein"

Guess what Shyster? You have described youself. You keep writting the same thing over and over and over. It's time to say something different for a change. Maybe you can come out of your self-loathing.

Rustler45 said...

That article about the Catholic "Right" is a pure pack of lies.

" an attempt to convince Catholics that abortion is the overriding issue at the ballot box."

WELL?????? According to the Catholic Bishops it is. So what's your problem.

"According to the polls, Catholics have consistently...blah blah blah...."

That's another one of those logical fallacies. It is called "Studies have shown..." I can make up my own poll right here in my basement just like the left wing does.


"Obama's leadership the party has embraced abortion reduction measures that provide health care, child care, education, and other essential supports for vulnerable pregnant women...."

Neither Obama nor his leadership gives a rat's about women. If they cared about women they would be working to overturn Roe vs Wade. They talk about health care and child care and education, but all they're talking about is more socialism and using women as a stepping stone to get there while pretending that they are doing it to solve abortion. It's a dam lie.

Any honest idiot can figure out that they are a bunch of lying bxstxrds.

Chris Korzen is a no good lying communist.

Rustler45 said...

KATHERINE ASKS: "Are you suggesting no faithful Catholic could have voted for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson or Stephen Douglas?"

Are you suggesting that a faithful Catholic should vote for someone who enslaves another race?

Hoo hoo hoo. Can't answer that can you?

Rustler45 said...

AN ANONYMOUS COWARD SAID: "You would serve the McCain cause and the pro-life movement better if you did not endorse the filth that Rustler45 posts. Just a suggestion."


Too bad DunceBoy! You just confirmed that my posts are excellent. That you don't like them. Don't even lie like that again and pretend that you might care about the McCain cause.

You're a liar! Is that the kind of filth that bothers you Moron?

That's so funny. I know when I am effective when some lying, porn-loving liberal tells me my posts are filth. hahahahahahahaaaa

Rustler45 said...

CATIE SAID: "You can't be pro-life and then forget about the baby after it's born. That's not what being pro-life is about."

You're implication that pro-life people only care about abortion is a lie. The pro-life people are the ones who have the crisis centers, homes for unwed mothers, etc., etc. The liberals have Planned Parenthood. The liberals are doing NOTHING for women. So, the liberals should shut up about what they think pro-life people should be doing to help women.

Abortion is not a symptom. It is a problem because of many problems. Don't be putting it in the category of symptom. It is murder. Pure and simple. Did you watch the video that Florentius posted. It would be a good idea if you did.

Do you call rape a symptom? What about legalizing rape so the symptom goes away. Doesn't make sense does it. The first and formost priority is making abortion illegal. PERIOD.

You can't provide government care for a dead baby.

If you think Obama intends to make things so that there will be no need for abortion you are sadly duped by a fraud and a liar.

Rustler45 said...

"Studies also link reduction of abortion to things like education, access to health care, access to social programs, fathers having jobs, and family planning."

No they don't. "Studies show" is a logical fallacy. Look it up. Studies are BS. They are merely propaganda in order to influence someone to do the wrong thing.

You are talking about socialism as a cure for abortion. I don't care what any dam study shows.



"Education, access to health care, access to social programs, fathers having jobs, and family planning" do nothing to stop sin. It's pure liberal BS for bringing on socialism.

Rustler45 said...

"Don't you want the ACTUAL problem fixed along with banning abortion?"

Wake up. Abortion is the ACTUAL PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rustler45 said...

"Don't you want the ACTUAL problem fixed along with banning abortion?"

Wake up. Abortion is the ACTUAL PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rustler45 said...

CATTY SAID: "Have you ever taken an economics or political science class?"

Obviously you have and that's why you don't know what the hell you're talking about. You didn't recognize propaganda when they poured it down your throat. Too bad you didn't attend my classes on those subjects. You might know something.

Catholic social teachings are not left of center. They ARE the center. The Truth is always center. The left has taken the "social justice" issues and twisted them into socialism which IS left, far left of center. That means, if you're paying attention, anything left of center is a lie and a fraud.

Face it Catty, you're a Marxist socialist.

CATTY SAID: "Being left of center economically does NOT mean socialism or communism."

Yes it does.

CATTY SAID: Left of center economically can be as simple as wanting regulations on large corporations.

You need to google Distributism. That is what is taught at Thomas Aquinas as an economic system that conforms to Catholic Teaching. Regulations on large corporations is NOT left of center. Who told you that nonsense?

CATTY SAID: Also actually caring to address economic disparities between classes is left of center.

No Catty, that is not left of center. Justice is never left of center. Socialism is not just, it is legally stealing from one person and giving it to those who do not deserve it. It is a leftist philosophy of economics.

You're completely all mixed up. Pope John Paul II condemned both communism and capitalism. Do you know why? It's because they are both left of center. Surprise! You don't know what left means. Well that's not anything to be too ashamed of. Most people living in this country today are mixed up. Even the conservative Catholic columnists were confused about it. So no biggie. Everybody uses the word "capitalism" when they are actually talking about free enterprise. Free enterprise has ethics. Capitalism is the product of liberal economic theorists. It's ethics are those of the theorists. They are all communists and liberals. In other words the ethics are whatever they need them to be to accomplish their agenda of socialism (i.e., World Communism).

Free enterprise requires regulations to keep things fair and just. Capitalism is unbridled monopoly which, like socialism seeks to enslave the masses.

Rustler45 said...


"Great social programs are of no benefit to a dead baby."

Rustler45 said...



"Great social programs are of no benefit to a dead baby."

shiloh said...

Rust, (22) posts in a row! You give new meaning to the words, passive/aggressive.

Dude, are you taking your meds?

Katherine should feel truly honored and flattered that one is soooo obsessed w/her blog ...

take care, blessings

Anonymous said...

Dude man, rustler45, people aren't as obsessed with this blog as you are. Chill with the name calling. Kick back and have a latte.