Sunday, May 18, 2008

Obama Visits Sacred Heart Medical Center:


Sen. Obama stopped at Sacred Heart Medical Center on Hilyard St. in Eugene, a 432-bed full service hospital affiliated with the Catholic Church.

Obama paused before meeting with nurses and doctors, to speak to gathered reporters regarding Sen. Edward Kennedy.

“I know a lot of you are interested in the situation with Senator Kennedy. I have been in contact with the family. Obviously they are in our thoughts and prayers. They I am sure will be releasing some sort of a statement when they have a better assessment of what the situation is. But you know as I have said many times before Senator Kennedy is a giant in American political history. He has done more for the healthcare of others than just about anybody in history. So we are going to be rooting for him. And I insist on being optimistic about how it is going to turn out .”
Campaign said Obama spoke briefly this morning with Sen. Kennedy’s wife, Victoria Reggie Kennedy.

Obama met for about 15 minutes in front of the nurse’s station in the hallway of a 3rd floor medical-surgical unit. The gathered nurses, doctors and medical technicians stood in a loose circle around the senator, who spoke from his feet, in the middle of the group. They wore scrubs, some were in white coats, several had stethoscopes draped over their necks.

“We’re going to be talking about healthcare today and I figured that before we had some big town hall meeting on healthcare I should talk to the experts,” he said. “And nobody knows health care better than nurses.”

Obama told the group that when his two daughters were born, and when his mother had cancer, “it was not the doctors I spent most of my time with, it was nurses.” He discussed his familiarity with the national nursing shortage, and asked those gathered to share their concerns and advice about the healthcare system.

“How do we inspire younger people, men and women, to go into a profession that’s very inspiriing?” asked Kitty Schiffer, who is vice president for patient care servces.
The senator discussed the need for more slots in nursing schools and the need to make nursing school more affordable.

After a handful of other comments about the need for more mental health beds and more affordable medication, Sen. Obama was asked about insurance and he shared this story about his nine-year-old daughter Malia’s asthma. Forgive me if you’ve heard it before:
“She was only three when she came into the kitchen and said, ‘Daddy, I’m having trouble breathing,’ which is the worst thing you want to hear from your kids.” Obama said he and Michelle drove Malia to the hospital, which was five minutes away. “While we were there overnight, she was in this room, where there were four or five kids in there, and the doctors told us these kids come in once every week , once every two weeks, for something that should be entirely treatable, but they just didn’t have the coverage to get it. That’s costly for the hospital, and costly for society.”

The other noteworthy encounter occurred as Obama was wrapping up the visit, after posing for photographs with the gathered nurses, including Carol Ann Anderson, 66, a registered Republican, self-described conservative, and 31-year nursing veteran, who said she did not like any of the current candidates, including Sen. McCain, and that she is considering voting for Obama in the fall “given what the choices are.”

As Obama started for the elevators, Ron Spooner, 42, an x-ray technician, and a Republican, called out to the senator. Spooner, dressed in scubs, told Obama he is “torn between you and Sen. McCain.”


Rustler45 said...

Spooner, dressed in scubs, told Obama he is “torn between you and Sen. McCain.”

Yeah, as to which one he wants to date while his scrubs concealed his cute bicycle shorts? He is typical Republican, he's as liberal as the day is long, but he just doesn't know what to do about it. They need to change the names of the parties from Democrats and Rebulicans to Democommies and Repubicommies.

Rustler45 said...

If the activity on this blog is any indication of the upcoming election we don't have a thing to worry about other than the democrats stuffing the ballot boxes.

Anonymous said...

Obama's got a story for everything, doesn't he?
But, as we know he is good at reinventing facts to fit his audience and make himself look good - like how his parents met for the first time in Selma in 1965 even though he was born in 1961.

And although I am not a Republican, it's nice of you to point out that it is Republicans involved in healthcare work. Are the Democrats at the abortion clinics?

Betty said...

The nastiness of people on the Right has already given the Democrats three congressional seats in super-Republicans districts. The McCain campaign sees their hope for victory going down the drain by linkage with Rove/Rustler style politics.

You guys are the best thing the Demcorats have going for us. Keep up the good work.

Rustler45 said...

Betty said...
"The nastiness of people on the Right...."

Oh really, I suppose that murdering an innocent child isn't nasty.

Betty said... "You guys are the best thing the Demcorats have going for us."


I don't think you even realize what you just said.

Ted Kennedy, Hillary, and Obama certainly are so much against you that it takes right wingers to have something going for you!!!


BTW your attempt at nasty just shot yourself in the foot!!!

I am still laughing at you!