Friday, May 16, 2008

3 Items in Ascending Importance

from the Washington Post

Brand on the Run

By E. J. Dionne Jr.
Friday, May 16, 2008; A19

Sen. Bob Corker, a Republican elected in the face of the 2006 Democratic sweep, understands the panic that took hold in his party this week following its loss in a ruby-red district.

Corker is familiar with the feeling. His readiness to tell his story says much about the alienation of many Republicans from the national party's stale approach to politics and the limits of negative advertising. It is also a warning to GOP strategists who think that personal attacks on Barack Obama will be sufficient to win the presidency.
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Post-ABC News poll this week gave partial support to this view: While voters gave the Democrats a 21-point advantage over Republicans as the party better equipped to handle the nation's problems, McCain trailed Obama by only seven points.

Yet Obama's still-sizable lead suggests that McCain will have trouble escaping the anti-Republican uprising. Democrats are trying to limit his room to maneuver by linking the presumptive Republican nominee to Bush's policies. Fabrizio argues that McCain's urgent need to run as an independent means that "McCain could win in a landslide, and we still lose the House and Senate significantly."

In this spring of discontent, Republicans are turning on each other because even their best news is bad news. [read more here:]

United Steelworkers Endorse Senator Barack Obama for President
Join John Edwards in Growing Wave of Support

Pittsburgh – The United Steelworkers today issued the following statement of endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President:

For Immediate Release May 15, 2008

“When the presidential primary contests began last year, our Union felt strongly that because of Senator John Edwards’s deep commitment to working people and because of our shared beliefs, he deserved our strong endorsement. His belief that unfair trade policies must be changed, his commitment to pass the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) to restore workers’ rights to freely choose workplace representation, and his proposal for universal health care were widely shared by our members.

“Today, by virtue of a unanimous vote of our International Executive Board, we find ourselves once again in agreement with Senator Edwards, this time with his decision last evening to endorse Senator Barack Obama. And thus today, the United Steelworkers enthusiastically endorses Senator Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States.

“Senator Obama’s call for a significant change of direction amounts to far more than a compelling rallying cry. It is buttressed by his record of consistent support for workers, by his call for sweeping changes to our health care system, by his unflinching support for Employee Free Choice, and by his insistence that America’s trade policies must, first and foremost, serve the interests of America’s working families.

“Senator Obama has shown his commitment to working families by proposing significant investments in the future of American manufacturing, in the revitalization of our nation’s infrastructure, and in 21st century clean energy technologies that will lead to significant growth in domestic jobs. He is clearly the candidate who can best lead our nation out of the dark period of economic decline created by the Bush administration’s allegiance to Wall Street profiteering at the expense of worker prosperity.

“We share Senator Obama’s call for significant changes to these bankrupt policies, just as we earlier shared Senator Edwards’ And all of us, including we hope Senator Clinton for whom we have the utmost respect, must now do everything we can to ensure that Barack Obama is the next President of the United States. Now is the time for contention and division to cease, and for us to unite behind the changes for which Senator Obama and our members are calling.

“America’s workers cannot afford another four years of rehashed Bush administration policies, another four years in which the National Labor Relations Board shills for corporate misconduct, or another four years of a Secretary of the Treasury who considers it his “job” to bail out Wall Street speculators at the expense of hard working families loosing their homes.

“Nor can those of us who are committed to changing the direction of the country afford any more racial profiling of an election, when either Democratic candidate would be far superior to Senator McCain’s lock-step commitment to four more years of the broken Bush economy and the broken Bush foreign policies.

“We are proud and honored to join Senator Edwards in endorsing Senator Barack Obama to be the next President of the United States. We commit ourselves to working tirelessly for his election and for a new age of cooperation among Democrats, Independents and thoughtful Republicans alike in which working Americans are restored to a place of dignity in society and in the American economy.”

Baltimore Sun Political Writer Jack Germond on Tomorrow's Preakness:

"Big Brown is just as imposing here as he was in the Derby but with a field of only 13 horses, there is little or no chance for a payoff matching that $141 exacta. I am going to key the big horse over Racecar Rhapsody, Gayego and Hey Byrn in both exactas and triples. If I don't win, I will expose the heretofore secret links between Neville Chamberlain and Barack Obama."


Rustler45 said...

"He is clearly the candidate who can best lead our nation out of the dark period of economic decline created by the Bush administration’s allegiance to Wall Street profiteering at the expense of worker prosperity."

WOW!!! Anyone who knows communism knows a communist slogan!

Of course the association of unions, communists, and freemasons is all too obvious.

Do you belong to Eastern Star Katherine?

Katherine said...

No, but a retired member of the United Steelworkers

Rustler45 said...

"No, but a retired member of the United Steelworkers"

Well, that answers the question doesn't it?

"Of course the association of unions, communists, and freemasons is all too obvious."

You might as well be an Eastern Star. That wouldn't bother you would it?

Matt said...

Katherine - Go Unions!

One of my brothers is the head of his local in the CWA, & another brother is about 2 months away from "journeying out" as a union carpenter.

Do you happen to know what Obama's position on card-check legislation is?

Katherine said...


I am proud to say that Senator OBAMA supports the employee free choice act ("card-check")

Rustler45 said...

I looked it up and this is what I found:

"What we say: Regardless of how you feel about unions or employers, employees shouldn’t be stripped of their right to a private-ballot vote. Card-check systems make employees’ votes public. This exposes employees to a greater risk of coercion and intimidation from everybody."

As I thought, more Marxism at work. You guys are just the nicest little communists I know.