Monday, May 5, 2008

Bill Donohue is Back, Showing His True Colors

from the blog, "Vox Nova"

I used to keep a close eye on Bill Donohue’s buffoonish tactics at the Catholic League, but grew tired of it. Now I read, courtesy of David Gibson, that Donohue is attacking Catholics who support Obama, calling them “dissidents” (in right-wing Catholic circles, this usually means “disagrees with me” rather than deviate for core Church teaching, as the cafeteria often wide open for these people). For here is Donohue’s chief concern:

“there is not one who agrees with the Catholic Church on all three major public policy issues: abortion, embryonic stem cell research and school vouchers.”

This is bogus on so many levels. First, it is a lie (and that is a sin, Bill, a non-negotiable one). He completely ignores the presence of pro-life Democrats like Bob Casey and Tim Roemer on the list– and I find it hard to know how he can sniff out the position of every single non-political member on the abortion issue.

But, of course, it is worse than this. Donohue is actually claiming that these are the three most important issue for Catholics in the public policy sphere. He picks two intrinsically evil acts, and ignores the rest (such as torture). And he elevates school vouchers to the top tier, while playing down issues like health care, the environment, and McCain’s love of war. Donohue, like Rick Santorum, is a Protestantized Catholic, one who picks and chooses Church teachings based on partisanship, and who then has the gall to use this as a bludgeon against his political opponents.


Leticia said...

Abortion being the number one no-compromise issue is mentioned numerous times in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in Pope John Paul's Gospel of Life, and from Pope Benedict.
Obama is THE most pro-abortion Senator in the historyof the Senate, he was the ONLY one not to vote to let babies born during abortion (by accident of course, they were supposed to be dead!) receive oxygen.
President Bush signed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act into law, despite your candidate's lack of support.
How can a Catholic vote for someone who would stand by and watch a baby die?!

Katherine said...

Leticia --

Could you please post the Senarte roll call vote on that bill so we can see how each senator voted. I think yo can find it here:



DrTaliesin said...

Ms Katherine,
The link doesn't work for me. Would you be willing to tell us the point you were hoping to make from it?

Katherine said...

try it without the "www"; just

Sorry for the error.

Chris Lewis said...

From my understanding of Catholic teaching, a Catholic voting for an anti-life candidate either needs to head to the confessional or not bother to show up for Communion...

Michael J. Iafrate said...

Chris Lewis -- Then your understanding is flawed. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Americana's,my fellow Democrates!!
we need to do the right thing,we need to do what we wished the republicans would have done 4 years ago. we need to make sure with our votes that a bad,bad horrid man does not take the highest office in our land.
8 years ago the republicans voted for bush and we democrates were very sad,than 4 years ago we figured no way would we let that happen again,but alas bush won again. 8 years of pure hell for all to share.
but this time its not the republicans that have the horrible candidate! its us the democrates that have the horrid man that will destroy America.its is us the democrates that must do the right thing and vote for the best person running and that man is McCain.
the dnc has done everything it can to make sure we have no choice of a president.
we have never been huge Hillary supporters but she is better than obama,we would vote for her,barack we will never vote for.
do we like john McCain??? no not really!!!
do we respect john McCain??? yes we do!! he is a good man.
do we want john McCain as president?? no,but he is better than obama!!!
we are a small group of democrates called keepers that just do not think barack obama cares about our united states of America.
we keepers will vote in this election and if our choice is barack obama or john McCain,we will have no choice but to vote for john McCain.
barack obama will destory and divide our United States of America!!! We the people must stand united and stop him or divided we fall!!!

Osama/Obama said...

Support McCain in '08! He's the ONLY choice for Catholics.

Link there now to clear your brain of this hippy-dippy Obama crap!

Inkman said...

Of the 3 policies cited by Donohue, 2 are the same: abortion and infant stem cell research. McCain is shaky on abortion and voted for funding stem cell research. The third issue, vouchers, first of all is NOT a federal issue; second, nowadays it means, eventually, putting government in charge of Catholic schools that get the tax-paid vouchers. The big issue Donohue ignores is not welfare or health care (which also should not be federal issues because they're not allowed in the Constitution), but the unconstitutional Iraq War, which has killed up to 1 million Iraqis, was based on lie after lie after lie by Donohue's Neo"conservative" friends and benefactors, and was opposed by both the current pope and the previous one. Catholics don't have a major-party choice this time.
-- John Seiler (

Rustler45 said...



shiloh said...

Donohue is a certifiable nutcase, who tried to defend Cardinal Law of Boston in the media when it was proven that Law had covered up for all the perverted/gay priests in the Boston diocese Catholic church scandal!

William Donohue’s Big List of Bigots

Back at ya, Bill Donohue...
Back at ya

take care

Anonymous said...

Check your facts before criticizing Bill. When making the important decision to elect leaders, Roman Catholics should be guided by educated consciences. The Catholic Church has a detailed compendium on Social Doctrine, which can be found in print and online. However, comparing political candidates to this entire document would be too tedious and overwhelming for most Catholic voters. Therefore, Pope Benedict XVI has condensed the principles of this document into three important points for voters to consider. Specifically, voters must consider whether a candidate is a Pro-Life, Pro-Family and School-Choice candidate. These issues are "deal breakers" and a candidate whose views are not in line with those of the catholic church should be excluded from consideration.