Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Petition to McCain to Take Down Blasphemous Ad

Many Christians are upset at an ad the McCain campaign has been circulating that they find to be blasphemy. The ad, called "The One" has been circulated by the McCain campaign on the web but has not been broadcast commercially. Most television stations do not accept ads they deem blasphemous.

The Matthew 25 Network, a non-partisan organization of people of faith concerned about public affairs, has launched a petition to John McCain asking him to see that the ad is taken down. if you would like to sign the petition or learn more about this effort, the link is here:


Rustler45 said...

I don't think I'll be signing the petition.


Max said...

The Matthew 25 Network, a non-partisan organization..

Non-partisan? Nice try Katherine, I went to the site, and lo and behold a big picture of the chosen one, with the headline "We proudly endorse Senator Barack Obama for President".

You're getting desperate for material. McCain should take down his ad the same day you take down this blog.

I eagerly await the next chapter in the Hudson scandal chronicles.

Sean said...

McCain is on the low road express. this ad is really taking the Lord's name in vain.

Katherine said...


Katherine said...


Katherine said...


Sean said...

I am LMAO.

Obama is the laughing stock!

He will never make it to the Oval Office.

Hillary is planning to expose his bogus birth certificate before the election and try to get herself reinstated.

Are you going to vote for her?

The sad part of all this is not Obama, but people who believe they can be Catholic and Marxist at the same time.

Darwin said...

I'm not sure it's accurate to imply that the reason the ad hasn't been on TV is that stations won't broadcast ads they deem blasphemous. The ad was clearly made for YouTube and never intended to appear anywhere else.

As for whether it can be considered blasphemous -- I think it's a stretch. The ad chides Obama for the messianic aire his campaign often takes on -- in which he is the one we've been waiting for so that the seas can stop rising and the planet can heal.

It's amusing in a mild sort of way -- and even manages to be less untrue than most ads put out by both sides.

Anonymous said...

Watchin' you Katherine.
You slime ball.

Susan said...

No, Sean, a blog entitled "Catholics for Obama" is taking the Lord's name in vain.

Meg said...

I thought it was hysterical and completely appropriate for the type of messianic language surrounding Mr. Obama. Get a sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

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- Laura