Tuesday, August 19, 2008

May Light Eternal Shine Upon Her

From the grave, campaigning for Obama

By Yael T. Abouhalkah,
Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist

Phyllis Harris of Kansas City died Saturday. But she still's campaigning for Barack Obama to become the next president.

In Monday's Kansas City Star, the obituary for Harris said she was "a life-long lover of words and music." She was a physical therapist for much of her life, "deeply concerned with issues of social inequality and justice."

Then the obituary ends this way:

"While Phyllis adored her garden, we are certain that she would prefer, in lieu of flowers, donations be made" to Kansas City Hospice, St. Vincent DePaul Society or Catholic Charites "and that you cast your vote for Obama."


Mattheus Mei said...

what a cute anecdote

Max said...

She'll probably end up casting a vote for Obama in Chicago or Philadelphia.

James said...

May God have mercy on her soul. To Go to one's death and giving one's last thoughts to electing a liberal pro-death politician is really bad.

bob said...

one less baby-killing, affirmative action loving lesbian on earth. no loss.

Another Catholic For Obama said...

I find it wonderful Phyllis Harris did that.