Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catholic Nun to Offer Prayer at Convention

Cleveland nun to offer prayer at Democratic National Convention

by Sabrina Eaton August 18, 2008

WASHINGTON -- An 86-year-old nun from Cleveland who works for a Catholic anti-poverty lobbying group has been selected to deliver the closing prayers one night during the Democratic National Convention.

"I think you have a different perspective when you've lived some history," says Catherine Pinkerton, a member of the Cleveland-based religious order Congregation of St. Joseph who once served as principal of the West Side secondary school it founded, St. Joseph Academy.
Pinkerton says that she has never been an activist for either political party but that she admires Barack Obama's "vision of where we stand as a nation and where we stand among nations" and agreed to deliver the benediction at the request of his campaign.

Obama's campaign invited a diverse group of religious leaders to offer prayers at the convention and asked Pinkerton to be among them because she's "an icon among Catholics who has really been an inspiration to women everywhere," said spokesman Tom Reynolds.

"For decades, she has been a national leader and a champion for working families," Reynolds said. "Catholics across Ohio should be proud to have one of their own taking center stage at this historic event."


Mary in CO said...

I was sorry to hear that Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput would not be offering prayer at the Dem Convention. Sorry, but not surprised.

When Sr. Pinkerton offers the invocation, I hope that she will lead attendees in prayer for the 40 million innocents in the US whom we have allowed to be killed since Roe v. Wade was upheld; and for healing of the parents of those babies.

The Catholic Church teaches that all human life -- that is, human life at ALL stages -- has inherent dignity; and that abortion is intrinsically evil. As Archbishop Chaput has put it, "deliberately killing the innocent is always, inexcusably wrong."

But Barack Obama espouses abortion, even to the termination of babies who survive abortive procedures. How can we support him in this?

Please folks, check out Archbishop Chaput's August 20 column at (find "Newspaper Column" listed in the "Archbishop's Corner" menu on the right side of the web page).

Read. Reflect. Then, please vote pro-life!

God bless.

Teris said...

That is a wonderful story about the nun who will say the prayers at the Democratic Convention. There will be great unity at this convention and history will be made.

Bob said...

another liberal lesbian nun in a pantsuit. big deal.

Kathy said...

Good one, Bob!

Anonymous said...

I hope that she will lead attendees in prayer for the 40 million innocents in the US whom we have allowed to be killed since Roe v. Wade

Particulary for the millions killed under six years of the Republicans controlling the White House, Congress and 7 of 9 S.C. appointments.

Anonymous said...

liberal nun, indeed!

Lets all make sure to vote for a person who wants to rip babies from the womb [they *are* babies, right? are we in agreement there? I'm pretty sure they aren't cucumbers growing within the womb] and not only suck and destroy them 'from the womb' - leave them to DIE after they're born - esp. if they're Down Syn babies.

I've had it with this. You can not be both Christian and pro-life. You are in disagreement with yourselves - a true oxy moron. I pray for Catholics to hear the Truth -

oh, and HIP HIP HOORAY FOR ARCHBISHOP CHAPUT!! A true leader! Not afraid of standing up for and proclaiming the truth!!

Katherine said...

You can not be both Christian and pro-life.

I disagree. There are a lot of pro-life Christians.

Anonymous said...

The McCain campaign has now been caught telling disgruntled Hillary supporters he won't do anything on abortion.

Anonymous said...

sorry - typo. that was meant to read: one cannot be both Christian and Pro-Abortion.

Paul said...

rantings about "lesbian nuns" and confusion if pro-lifer or pro-choicers can be Christians does not give one much confidence that much of value is being offered to the conversation.

Pope Benedict XVI accepts people as Christians even if they are pro-choice and that is good enough for me.

shiloh said...

Having grown up in the liberal Youngstown diocese and not the conservative Cleveland diocese, surprising a Nun from Cleveland would speak at the dem convention or even be allowed to speak.

Times have changed!

and no, regrettably ;) not even in the Youngstown diocese were there any lesbian Nuns when I attended grade school at St. Patrick's in Kent, OH many, many years ago.

btw, always wondered why St. Patrick's day wasn't a school holiday. It is in South Carolina and Boston ~ Patriot's day ~ I digress :)

carry on

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