Friday, August 29, 2008

Author Attacks Obama and the Pope.


Convention news delayed a post on an important matter. Many have probably already dismissed the silly and lie-filled book entitled 'Obama Nation' and written by a man named Jerome Corsi.

Mr. Burnett from 'Catholics for Democracy' reminds us that Corsi's two claims to fame were smearing John Kerry during the '04 race (the swiftboater book, "Unfit for Command") and smearing the Catholic Church (pedophilia "is OK with the Pope as long as it isn't reported by the liberal press.").

In 2004, The Associated Press verified that Corsi described Islam as a religion in which the "boys are buggered and the infidels are killed," and called Pope John Paul II "senile."


Anonymous said...

Obama is a Muslim terrorist.

CatholicsForDemocracy said...

Amazingly, our friend Bill Donohue over at Catholic League still has yet to take up the matter of the GOP/right-wing touting a book of lies by a man who maligned the Catholic community.

I guess it's okay to malign the Catholic community if you are a conservative/neo-conservative. But it's not okay to malign the Catholic community if you're a liberal.

Either way, I am offended as a Catholic when people malign my faith/faith-community (I'm even more offended when people calling themselves "Catholic" malign my faith through their behavior). But Donohue's neglect on this question reveals who he is and what his agenda is. He does not give one iota about whether anyone offends or maligns the Catholic community. He only cares whether someone has a political proposition he disagrees with. And he plays on the pride of Catholics to promote his own political ideology.

That is sad because our Catholic faith teaches us to be humble. "When someone hits you on the cheek, give him your other cheek as well."

The best way to defend the honor and dignity of the Catholic faith is to act like Catholics were called to act.

reunionpi said...

Jerome Corsi of Swiftboat fame: His over $150,000 in judgments, his corporations and more

Kurt said...

This attempt to smear Obama is so typical of the right wing. Thankfully, the American people are not buying this bull.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the point in saying something like "Catholics for Obama". The only Catholics who would be for Obama disagree with the Church on fundamental issues and thereby are not Catholics. The Catholic Church does not have the option of picking and choosing your own theology, they supply you with a pre-developed set of beliefs and you can accept it or walk away. The bishops who refuse to give Biden communion agree with that.


Katherine said...

Among the bishops who HAVE given Joe Biden communion is the Bishop of Rome. You are free to stick with the bishop of Denver; I'll agree with the actions of the bishop of Rome.