Sunday, October 28, 2012


Catholic Republicans often demand that Catholic voters set aside concerns such as worker rights, racial fairness, world peace, social justice and care for the poor to vote solely on the abortion issue.  While many Catholics reject the idea that every other issue needs to be forgotten about, increasingly even when just considering the abortion issue, some Catholics are concluding President Obama is the better candidate.  Mitt Romney has more positions on abortion than fingers on a hand, but most recently said he had no abortion issues on his agenda should be become President.

Professor Charles J. Reid, who teaches law at the Catholic St. Thomas University makes the case that Obama is the pro-life candidate here:

And in another article, it is reported many Catholics say President Obama is actually a pro-life hero.

More here:,_pro-life_hero

Polls actually show that a substantial number of pro-lifers are voting for the President.  Romney has also caused concerned among authentic pro-life Americans by his opposition to controlling Mercury and other poisons that cause abortions for pregnant women. 


Pennsylvania Pole said...

This election is a tooth and nails fight to keep and lift people out of poverty. There is no doubt in my mind that if Romney is elected, we will witness a rerun of the economic devastation that characterized the Bush presidency. With poverty becoming endemic in such a context, more and more and more impoverished women will opt for abortion. If you are pro-life, pleae vote to re-elect President Obama.

Ohio Ollie said...

Now, Newt Gingrich is making the ludicrous claim that Mourdock's position on rape and abortion reflects that of virtually every Catholic in the US:

This has been the craziest election I've ever experienced and I'm pretty darn old.

Anonymous said...

2 Thessalonians Chapter 2

Katherine said...

AMEN! We are doing good work!

From 2 Thessalonians 2:

Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.

Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace,

Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.

Anonymous said...

How convenient that you skipped Verses 1-12 , especially Verse 8 from 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2. New American Bible. The Lawless One? Read it again.

Katherine said...

true words of St. Paul. And we know who the lawless ones are. Our Blessed and Ever-Virgin Mother tells us. Luke 1:53

Anonymous said...

Yes, we know exactly who the lawless one is....your favorite guy. And, Katherine, as far as Luke is concerned, I am sure you know that envy is a sin.

Katherine said...

Ahm yes. Calling the President "lawless", part of the right wing meme suggesting our President is not legitimate, along with "he is not American", "he's a Muslim" and all of the other code words for what we know they really mean.

As for your other comment, I'm sticking with the Blessed Mother. She has never steered me wrong.

Anonymous said...

No, Lawless One in the sense of an Anti-Christ.

Deacon Pat Kearns said...

I stumbled across this blog by accident.... If you were honest you would remove the word Catholic from it because you truly are not. You are in direct conflict with the churches teaching... how can you overlook abortion (Murder). No social program is worth anything if the person who needs it the most is dead.

Deacon Pat Kearns

Katherine said...

Well, I don't care for Mitt Romney, but I wouldn't call him the Anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

Deacon Pat,

I hope you are not overlooking murder by supporting a candidate who "has no abortion legislation on his agenda", who supports killing the unborn by mercury poisoning, who would cause the abortion rate to go up by repealing Obamacare and who supports an anti-life foreign policy as well as all of the other shortcomings of Romney.

For me and my household, we are voting for Obama. And we are doing so BECAUSE we are Catholic.

So is most of my parish from what I can tell. I don't know how the parish priest or the bishop are voting, but both have publicly rejected your line of thinking.

Ohio Slovak said...

It is really shocking that a deacon of the church repeats the tired old partisan Republican talking points rather than act as a minister.

Just today another report came out in which the Romney campaign reassured voters here in Ohio that Roe v. Wade will not be reversed under Romney.

Yet the partisan hacks like the Deacon still try to push their Republican politics even though Romney has abandoned the unborn.

just jake said...

The Deacon Pats of this country are doing more to ensure the re-election of the president than they can every imagine. They have a role in God's plan.

Anonymous said...

By Joseph Pecar February 12, 2009
As evidence that the practice of abortion in America constitutes a Black genocide, consider the following testimonies: 1. "The number one cause of death in the African American community has been abortion. . . Since 1973, twice as many Black Americans have died from abortion than from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined." From an Oct. 16, 2008 article by Black Catholic Bishop Martin Holley.
2. "We make up about 12% of the population and about 34% of all abortions are Black babies. In the last 36 years over 17 million African American babies have died by abortion alone."… From a speech by Black Pastor Luke Robinson at the March for Life in Washington D.C., Jan. 22, 2009. 3. "The early seduction of Black Americans by the Birth Control League and Margaret Sanger's (Planned Parenthood's founder) eugenics programs set into motion today's dilemma. …'Negro Project' (launched in 1939) was especially appealing to eugenicists determined to check the climbing birthrates of those they defined as the 'unfit.'" From an Oct. 28, 2008, Witherspoon Institute publication by Anne Hendershott. 4. "The aim of ... [The Negro Project] was to restrict — many believe exterminate — the black population. Under the pretense of 'better health' and 'family planning,' Sanger cleverly implemented her plan. What's more shocking ... is Sanger's beguilement of black America's crème de la crème — those prominent, well educated and well-to-do — into executing her scheme. Some within the black elite saw birth control as a means to attain economic empowerment, elevate the race and garner the respect of whites." From a May 10, 2001 article, "The Negro Project — Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Plan for Black Americans" by Tanya L. Green. 5. Rev. Johnny M. Hunter, National Director of Life, Education and Resource Network (LEARN) exposed Planned Parenthood's nefarious extermination motivations and the monumentally effective duping of Black leaders by declaring at the "Say So" March on Columbus Day 1999, that the Negro Project has had lasting repercussions in the black community: "We have become victims of genocide by our own hands." 6. "We must demand an end to the victimizing of African American children, women, families and communities by Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry. Over 80 percent of Planned Parenthood clinics are located in minority neighborhoods." From Bishop Holley's article. 7. "Nearly half of all African-American pregnancies end in abortion." From Anne Hendershott'a article. 8. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., Black Pastor of The New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ and founder of summarizes the situation with this revelation. "According to Allan Guttmacher's statistics, today the most dangerous place for an African-American to be is in the womb of their African-American mother."

Anonymous said...

Obama -- the face of America's black genocide?
By Joseph Pecar If Margaret Sanger were alive today, she would undoubtedly take particular satisfaction that after 70 years of bamboozling an almost continuous string of ministers and other prominent Black leaders into unwittingly supporting her Black genocide objectives, that now the first Black President of the United States may have also fallen prey to her wiles.
If we take Obama at his word that for over twenty years, although he was closely associated with, admired and considered Reverend Jeremiah Wright a mentor, he never once suspected him of being radically anti-American, it might be reasonable to attribute Obama's legislative record, campaign rhetoric, and viciously pro-abortion ideology to inexperience, naiveté and bad judgment.
However, inexperience naiveté and bad judgment is the best we can think of Obama. If he is and was fully aware that the practice of Abortion in America directly causes Black genocide, and to get elected or for some other reason he supports and promotes these horrific procedures anyhow, then the only conclusion one can reach is that he is a most despicable person — and a traitor to his own race. As one who doesn't recognize infanticide whilst both Houses of the U.S. Congress did, Obama may well become the infamous face of America's Black Genocide.
Obama's role aside, should it not be a matter of great National shame and outrage that America overtly supports genocide within its own shores, and now wants to expend tax dollars to export the practice to indigent people worldwide? Are our Government leaders and those who control the media degrading the moral fiber of the country to the extent that, like the Roman Empire, it will lead to the ruination of what was once the freest, fairest, most productive, wealthiest and most powerful nation the World has ever known?
God bless the African American leaders, and others, who continue to advance the truth in the hope that American's of all races may one day behold that blessed dream of equal rights, including the foundational Right to Life. Had our elected leaders and prominent news people spent as much time in making it clear to the public that Obama promotes and supports Black genocide as they spent on the failing economy, does anyone believe that 96 percent of Black Americans and the majority of all voters would have cast their votes for him? Is it not time that we expect and demand the truth from our leaders and the Media?

Anonymous said...

YOU people aint no CATHOLICS Please go to confessions and let The Lord know your hearts were boiled with the devil to conquer and devided..Shame on you people.. You mostly likely wont post this but think this we live in a country that was formed by God and freedom of speech reams through the air> May The Lord be with you.