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Right Wing Catholics are still in a fit that Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York has invited Barack Obama to the annual Al Smith Dinner, a fundraiser for the Catholic Church in New York.  A first they were in an outrages at the mere invitation.  Now they are demanding that Cardinal Dolan slam the President in his remarks.  “[We Republicans are] going in hopes that the cardinal’s going to slam him,” said state Sen. Marty Golden, a Brooklyn Republican attending the annual Al Smith Dinner. “It’s insulting that [Obama is] coming... it’s reprehensible.”

According to the New York Post, conservative Catholics are worried that Obama’s appearance will be misinterpreted as a church endorsement.

Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League,almost had smoke coming out of his nostrils as he bellowed “Our whole objection is inviting Obama to this dinner about 18 days before the election.”

Some conservatives are boycotting the dinner and not contributing to Catholic Charities such as Jerry Kassar, chairman of the Brooklyn Conservative Party and Mike Long, chairman of the Conservative Party of New York State, who usually attends the dinner with Kassar.  Instead, they are re-directing their giving to a right wing political group.


Joe Anderson said...

No matter how much some folks want to posture and equivocate about the differences between the two candidates in this presidential election, the fact remains that it is the moral obligation for Catholics and others of good will to do all to replace President Obama with anyone who may be better on issues concerning moral good and evil than he is. That option right now is Mitt Romney. I have written more on this topic at

Ohio Lithuanian said...

Joe, so I take it you are in disagreement with Archbishop Lori, you rebel you:

Archbishop Lori has informed Catholics: "The question to ask is this: Are any of the candidates of either party, or independents, standing for something that is intrinsically evil, evil no matter what the circumstances? If that's the case, a Catholic, regardless of his party affiliation, shouldn't be voting for such a person." So where do you get all that nonsense about Romney being an option?

And if any candidate is pro-abortion, in contrast to pro-abortion rights, it's Romney as evidenced by his documented willingness to pay for the possibility of an abortion for his son and daughter-in-law.

Aren't you aware that Romney and Ryan (how Catholic is he now after he flip-flopped during the VP debate?) support abortion in the case of rape, incest and the health of the mother?

Joe Anderson said...

You ask an interesting question, Ohio Lithuanian. I know Romney is weaker on the moral imperatives than we would like. However, you have to ask yourself the question, "which candidate is better?" The answer to that is clearly Romney. Obama has voted for and continues to support abortion of unborn babies at all stages of development and in all circumstances. This includes support for the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion. Additionally, he has unconstitutionally withheld support for the Defense of Marriage Act and is trampling on the religion and conscience rights of individuals and churches through his passage and implementation of Obamacare.

Once we have determined which candidate is superior on the morally imperative issues then we must support that candidate. I agree with you that the Romney candidacy has its faults. However, his candidacy is vastly superior to that of Obama on these critical issues.

We cannot avoid doing good out of a misplaced desire to do the ideal.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Kurt said...


Except Romney is not better on issues concerning moral good and evil than he is. Romney has no abortion legislation on his agenda. He supports Mecury abortions. He wishes to cut the Church's help for the poor. He is against Catholic teachings on the right of workers to join unions.

Kurt said...

It should also be noted that the "Partial Birth Abortion" ban has been the law throughout Obama's entire term. There has not been even the slightest move to repeal it. This issue is not on the President's agenda, just like no pro-life legislation is on Romney's agenda.

Anonymous said...

Both candidates intend to do nothing about abortion. Romney however is going to start wars all over the world, take away workers' rights, decimate workplace safety (which is a pro-life issue) and let big corporations runs this country.

Ohio Lituanian said...

Joe, I fear for your soul that you are taking the route of a moral relativist. Please don't try to act Catholic if you are not going to toe the line completely. You either refuse to use your intellect to comprehend the meaning of "intrinsically" or you are just hell-bent on voting Republican.

Anonymous said...

I believe that a simple search will clearly show what the democratic platform is and what the Bishop have to say about their positions.

Perhaps some additional comments for Bishop Lori are in order;

Anonymous said...

Catholics can't vote for a candidate like Romney who stands for instrinic evils.

Joe Anderson said...

I fear this thread of comments is giving up all semblance of seriousness.

A supporter of Obama suggesting that a supporter of Romney is a moral relativist?

We can't vote for Romney because he "stands for intrinsic evils"?

Do any of your objectively and sincerely reflect upon what you believe and what you are saying?

I have posted a new article on my web-site beginning the case for why Romney is the only choice in this election for those who believe in authentic Catholic social teaching. You can find it here: Romney the Social Justice Candidate
Best regards,


Kurt said...

I think the issue with Governor Romney is that he has taken so many and contradictory positions on abortion, it is hard to know what he would do. Given that, each Catholic has no choice but to use their prudential judgment in this election.

Howard van said...

fwiw, Germans were voting for Hitler's economic policy.

Kurt said...


Some Germans voted for Hitler's right-wing platform.

Most never did. The Catholic, Socialist and Liberal parties formed an anti-Hilter, anti-Communist coalition which led the German government during most of the Weimer period. These parties came together even though they disagreed on important issues such as abortion.

Hitler came to power in a minority government, having never won a majority of the vote.

The Catholic-Socialist-Liberal coalition had lost its majority. They invited the Conservative Party to join them to block the Nazis. Instead, the Conservatives joined with Hitler, and the rest is tragic history.