Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Faith in the 21st Century: "Intrinsic" fallacy

Faith in the 21st Century: "Intrinsic" fallacy: I'm quoting very generously from Fr. Richard McBrien's 2009 article, "Intrinsic Evil vs. Run-of-the-mill Evil" ( National Catholic Repor...

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Gilbert Paul said...

I am a practicing Roman Catholic and taught religion as the first lay Catholic teacher in a fairly large boys high school for eight years.
As a Roman Catholic in accord with the Pope and the Church founded by Jesus Christ, those who would deviate from the official teaching of the Church and are voting for Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden, who have attacked the Roman Catholic Church, violated the First Amendment of the United States Constitution--and are also approving of Obama Healthcare which calls for a Death Panel for the elderly--and the exercise of so-called mercy killing. All of these teachings are non-negotiable. Yet, President Obama has attacked Christ who asked St. Paul why Saul was attacking Him--synonomous with the Church. That is why Cardinal Dolan, EWTN,et al have filed a lawsuit against President Obama and Joe Biden.
And if you really believe that a no-choice healthcare system which has failed in Great Britain, Canada, and France, and other places, you should think again and pray hard for discernment. You will be turning the power as to who will be treated and the treatment they will receive over to 15 appointed bureaucrats who do not have to be medical experts--not that this would necessarily guarantee proper decisions from a moral standpoint. The people will have no choice unless they are wealthy, or are federal retirees, or have been given special treatment, as have the United Auto Workers been given. Also,716 billion dollars, close to a trillion dollars will be taken from Medicare for Obama Care. Many, many doctors say they will refuse to treat Medicare patients. I could write a lot more--but you should pray hard and think about this matter clearly.