Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pope and President Elect Have Conversation

Protocol suggests a formal letter from the Holy See when a new Head of State takes office. If the country in question has formal diplomatic relations with the Vatican, the Cardinal Secretary of State sometimes sends a message when Heads of Government are elected.

We all thought it was very kind that the Holy Father went beyond the normal protocol and sent a personal letter to the President Elect, congratulating him on his election.

Now, the Vatican has confirmed that an additional, extraordinary step has taken place. The Holy Father and the President Elect spoke by telephone yesterday. The new Administration is getting off to a very good start.

(By the way, our sources in the Obama campaign revealed to us the Pope's telephone number. It is: "Et cum spirtu-tu-oh." hahaha.)


shiloh said...

1-800-YES-WE-CAN !!! We have an open door policy, w/nothing to hide!

Hope Springs Eternal !!!

take care, blessings

Rustler45 said...

"Maybe you know what a zombie is?"

"When a person dies and is buried it seems certain voodoo priests have the power to bring them back to life."

"How horrible!"

"It's worse than horrible because a zombie has no will of his own. You see them sometimes walking around blindly with dead eyes, following orders, not knowing what they do, not caring."

"You mean like Democrats?"

Rustler45 said...
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shiloh said...

Rust, may peace be w/you, brother!

take care, blessings

martin m said...

I'm glad the Pope and Obama are hitting it off. Together, they can change the world.

Rustler45 said...

Shyter, Thanks for sending me over to American Papist. They're about as much fun as a barrel of dead fish.

I did have fun on my own though and posted them some info that they will need in the future.

Their ban didn't work so.....


Since I've been banned ya'll are going to get one shot at hearing what you should hear.

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"Maureen, apparently your mother never slapped you silly for rolling your eyes."

Eye rolling inspires abuse. You should have banned HER for HER language. And her mother should slap her silly. She should slap you too Mr. Peters for breathing air that would be useful to someone else, some liberal maybe. You'd probably cry if she did.

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I am apalled at the "educated," stilted nonsense going on in here and being thought of as eloquence. Eloquence is found in straight talk and few words. Nobody has a doubt as to its meaning or which side the speaker is on. I am amazed that so many people are frequenting this wasteland of a blog. It almost as sad and discouraging as the fact that 48% of Catholics voted for Obama.

Pastor Manning made a video about Obama's being a nice house negro. v=6Op5or_vkcc

WEll ya'll are all a bunch of nice house Catlicks. Look how nice you talk. Notice how charismatic you are! You don't even get mad or yell at any of those wretched liberals. You talk so that nobody can even tell who's side you're on. You talk on and on and on and are just soooo nice. Look at all the smiles, handshaking, and back patting. It's just soooo wonderful.

Ya know what you're a bunch of cowardly chicken bleeps! When Obama's new homeland KGB shows up at your door DON'T roll your eyes at them you'll get a rifle butt in the face, call me instead. I will come kick their asses for you. You won't have to worry about my being nice to them. I will save you, your wife and your children while you cower in the corner being nice house Catlicks like the Jews who were nice and got on all those train cars so that they wouldn't offend the SS.

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Kurt said...

The best post you have ever written, Rustler.

ringo stalin said...

and kurt you finally posted a decent post........are you high??

shiloh said...

Rust, once again you are discombobulated, I didn't send you anywhere brother, Kurt made the reference to American Papist. And if they are as much fun as a barrel of dead fish, then praise the lord brother, you have finally found your home on the net!

And if this is the most trite, colorless, dull, wishy-washy, characterless Catholic site you have ever seen, the obvious question would be, why are you here 24/7 posting like an obsessed madman !?!

That of course, was a rhetorical question ...

take care, blessings

Anonymous said...

Hey Rustler,

You are right. That Peters boy is not the most masculine looking guy around. Seems a little "light in the loaferrs," doesn't he? I think he is a "Log Cabin Republican," if you know what I mean.