Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sunday: "What Senator McCain was able to do was help bring all of the parties to the table, including the House Republicans, whose votes were needed to pass this." -- Steve Schmidt, McCain Chief Political Strategist.

Monday 9:00 am: "John McCain puts country first. He suspended his campaign and came back to Washington to work to put together a deal. There was no deal before John McCain got involved and now we have a bill which the House will pass later today. This is leadership and that is what is lacking in Obama." -- GOP Operative.

Monday 10:30 am, news report: COLUMBUS, OHIO -- John McCain, calling himself a man of action like his hero Teddy Roosevelt, told a raucous crowd here that he had helped lead the charge to pass the Wall Street rescue plan. "I've never been afraid of stepping in to solve problems for the American people" McCain said.

Monday, 11:00 am, news report: COLUMBUS -- An aggressive Sen. John McCain used an Ohio rally on Monday to rip into Sen. Barack Obama while taking credit for helping engineer a $700 billion Wall Street bailout agreement, which he said proves he can get things done in Washington.

Monday, 2:00 pm: WHOOPSIE!


Martin M. said...

What a screw-up.

Ella said...

Even funnier is that Obama, this morning, was calling for an increase in FDIC insurance to make people feel OK about leaving their money in the bank (thereby making the situation work.) About an hour ago, someone walked into my office and said, "Hey -- the FDIC is temporarily upping their coverage on our money!" What's so funny is just the juxtaposition. (And BTW, there was no McCain "suspension" of his campaign. The TV adverts were on here in MD and my friend works in his local office -- she knew nothing about a "suspension." Her exact words were, "What? Suspension? What are you talking about?" So, um, since she was working that day, I'm guessing the doors were open for business, as was his website for donations.

Ella said...

duh "work" should be "worse" in the post above. I shouldn't type so fast.

shiloh said...


Monday morning McSame takes full credit for a bailout package that hasn't passed and it doesn't pass Monday afternoon because several reps bail and vote no, no pun intended ;) Too funny, great non leadership from McLame.

And don't know what this article has to do w/Catholics or religion other than McBush needs Divine Intervention !!! to win this election ...

take care, blessings

Rustler45 said...

So is this a surprise? He's just like you folks, a liberal. It's people like you who put him there. And because you put another Marxist buffoon with big ears who can't even tie his own shoes up against him he is assured of winning the race.

But again, what's the surprise? You're all a bunch of Marxists. You wouldn't consider in a thousand years that you should support Alan Keyes. He is a true Patriot and Catholic, but for you he's just an Oreo who's all mired up in the theology of the Dark Age.

You want a liberal, you got a liberal so don't complain.

Marie-Elsie said...

Liberal and proud of it

Rustler45 said...

Marie, you mean to tell me that you're proud of being a liar, a non-believer, a heretic, a Marxist socialist, a traitor, a racist, a baby killer and infanticidal God hater?

That's nothing to be proud of, but that's what you are.

Marie, Jesus hates a liberal.

Katherine said...

Jesus hates...

With that, Rustler, you have just lost whatever possible seriousness you mayhave had.

Rustler45 said...

KRABBIE SAID: "With that, Rustler, you have just lost whatever possible seriousness you may have had."

Hmmmmmmmmm.... I didn't know there was anything serious in this blog. hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

Maybe I should have softened it a little and said, "Jesus despises, abhors, loathes, and detests a liberal."

How's that Krabbie? Is that serious enough now?

Michigan-Matt said...

Hey, if it's all about "Catholics for Obama" as you claim... how about replacing your banner picture of Obama in a protestant church with one of Obama in a real Catholic Church?

Oh, one doesn't exist?

I see. "Catholics for Obama" is like "Jews for Ahmadinejad"; both invert reality and rationality.

And are equally effective, in my book.

Kathy said...

When did you ever take Rustler seriously? Please! Stop being so disingenuous.

Jesus may not hate but he certainly must be fed up and angry with a bunch of people who use the name of his Church to support a baby killer.

Kurt said...

Jesus may not hate...


I am confident Christ does not hate people because they vote in a democracy.

Rustler45 said...

Jesus made Himself a whip and then he beat the shxt out of those scoundrels.

He needs to come to this blog and explain to you morons that He doesn't care about your opinions. He needs to bring His whip with Him and straighten out your thinking.

When God sends lightening to punish he doesn't miss.

Rustler45 said...

KURT ARROGANTLY SAID: "I am confident Christ does not hate people because they vote in a democracy."

Well, Well, Well. Kurt you're an idiot.

#1. This isn't a democracy. It is a republic. Ever heard of the Pledge of Allegiance? Of course you haven't, you're a Democrat. Democrats hate it.

#2. Democracy is intrinsically evil. How many times do I have to explain that to you? It's evil because it is a government where the majority rules in its own self-interest. Next, it fosters the belief that the people determine morality. And last it is based on a concept that the authority to rule comes from the people rather than from God. Is that clear enough for you Kurt?

Don't bother to respond Kurt. You don't have the brain power to respond with anything other than something that will further prove my contention that you're an idiot.