Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Catholics for Common Sense, a grassroots organization of everyday Catholics announced that it is endorsing Barack Obama for president of the United States.

“President Obama’s work digging out of the myriad messes he inherited is impressive. His stimulus package prevented the country from falling into another Great Depression and has helped fuel 31-straight months of job growth. His Affordable Care Act means greater health for all Americans as well as increased financial security for all Americans as the threat of going bankrupt due to sickness is now diminished. His record lowering taxes on small businesses and the middle class is unprecedented. Moreover, all this was accomplished while he was ending the war in Iraq and bringing the most-feared terrorist in the world to justice,” said Catholics for Common Sense board chairman Michael McGonigle.

“Mitt Romney has not presented a coherent vision to the nation. He seems to alternate between extreme-right platitudes and audience pandering that has put him on both sides of many issues – several times each. Above all, though, Mr. Romney’s insistence on returning to the disastrous trickle-down policies of George W. Bush is nothing less than frightening – particularly as it relates to his mathematically impossible tax plan that will balloon the nation’s deficit" McGonigle said.



Yes. I see that they have a true grass roots program. How many people do they have? Is that a Catholic group of one?


What a joke this is. What, someone pays a couple of bucks to have a website hosted, throws up a powerpoint slide as the splash page, and this gets front page on your blog.

You guys are really doing all you can to prop up THE ONE.

Katherine said...

And Romney? Seems he has given up on Catholics and is just putting effort into white Protestants.

Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday. My parish Catholics for Obama group was phone banking into Ohio.

just jake said...

I'm glad that Washington DC Catholic recognizes that we are doing all we can to prop up Jesus Christ. Because of Romney's right wing economic policies that are sure to hurt the poor the most, there will be more abortions if he is elected -- but that just ain't gonna happen. God's will and all that!