Monday, June 4, 2012

Wisconsin Jesuits Support Recall of Governor Walker

The Provincial for the Jesuit Province of Wisconsin, the Jesuit President of Marquette University High School and 22 other Wisconsin Jesuits are among those supporting the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) in tomorrow's recall election.  Walker has been well financed by Big Money interests and has outspent his Democratic rival, yet still faces a close election.

Walker is a strident opponent of Catholic Social Teaching regarding the right of workers to form a labor union. 

God bless these sons of St. Ignatius for standing up for Catholic Truth.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you all. I hope you really think this through. Obama has only persecuted the church and continues to use folks like yourselves for his sick perverse political purposes. God forgive you.

not loretta lynn said...

Phooey to Anonymous. But I would still like to make the point that Bill Clinton, with all his ramblings about favoring the rich with continued tax cuts, has lost my vote for Hillary in 2016. That is, unless she dumps him, which she should have done a long time ago.

Keep on keepin' on said...

Let's move past the temporary setback. And let's take into consideration that 800,000 less people voted in this election than in 2008 when President Obama won by 14% of the vote in Wisconsin. And as it was, exit polls showed that Obama had the support of 53% of those casting votes this year. I am sure that most of the 800,000 people who didn't vote this time around will be voting for Obama again in November.