Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Obama Plan is More Pro-Life

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney released his proposal to advance health insurance coverage and it does so in a way that could fund abortions for millions of Americans, while President Obama’s health care law does not. Let’s look at the comparative features:

The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) leave in place the right of states to prohibit the sale of health insurance plans that include abortion as a benefit. Nine states currently have such laws and more are considering them. Romney would nullify the right of states to prohibit pro-abortion insurance policies and allow pro-abortion policies to be sold in contradiction of state law so long as it was registered in at least one other state.

Both the ACA and the Romney plan would expand health insurance through tax credits and subsidies. The ACA would also add some coverage for the poor through a modest Medicaid expansion. No federal Medicaid funds can be used for abortion.

Under the Romney plan, the tax breaks for insurance would go to bosses to provide insurance for their employees. Most bosses include abortion in their policies and employees are forced to take the boss’s plan or have to buy individual policies in the private market.

Romney would also give tax breaks to persons buying an individual policy. Individual policies would be dramatically more expensive than group policies purchased by boss’s so only an economical option if a person does not have a boss’s plan.

While these individual policies would also not have the group purchasing savings of plans on the state health care exchanges that the ACA offers, unlike the ACA plans the Romney plan allows them to use their government subsidies or tax credits to pay for abortions. Unlike Romney’s plan, ACA Exchange plans cannot use government subsidies or tax credit for abortion. State may allow some plans to offer abortion coverage as a rider paid 100% by the individual, but federal law guarantees that there be pro-life options and allows states to make all of the plans pro-life. 14 states have already elected this option and more have it under consideration.

The Romney plan expects expansion of boss's plan health insurance, while the ACA expects a slight increases in boss's plans but tens of millions purchasing insurance through the exchanges.  Since boss's plans can and mostly do use tax advantages for abortion while most individuals choose pro-life plans given the option, the portion of insured Americans with abortion coverage would be starkly higher with Romney's plan.  This is assuming Romney's plan has the claimed results of increased coverage.  His critics suggest that it will not.


just jake said...

This isn't surprising. It seems that other Republicans don't find all that much of a problem with abortion, either. Indeed, former reality TV femme fatale Raquel Campos-Duffy, now a strident right wing Catholic and wife of a Republican congressman, is defending pro-choice Barbara Bush as a nominee for a feminist award. Check it out before they change the story over at:

Jeannie Hoffmann said...

Abortion in any form, the act itself is abhorrent to me, to take the life of an unborn child is beyond comprehension, however, there are TEN commandments, not only "Thou shall not kill".

Do we really know which ones that our LORD considers to be the worst? Perhaps we should take another look at "Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor", The internet lies are abundant and hateful,I seek honesty and truth from my candidate.

Both of these are the apparent evils of the conservative party, to express disapproval of abortion but accept monetary funds from supporters that give millions for Planned Parenthood, etc, is a rather "back door" funding for abortion, all the while misleading their constituency about the AFA. And the hatred and anger is like virus that is planted and is spreading.
What ever happened to "Love thy neighbor as thyself"? I care about all Americans, especially the unborn, and will make my voting decision based on humanity for everyone.