Friday, June 15, 2012

Conservatives: "Abortion is Okay When We Do It"

Remember the Republican philosophy, "a baby is less dead when killed by the private sector." For all of the talk about abortion by conservatives, they grow totally mute when it comes to the private sector. Abortion, to them, is not about protecting the unborn but an issue to attack liberal politicians. For profit corporations are deeply involved in financing abortions through their health care policies and their donations to Planned Parenthood. Does one ever hear of a company boss banned from speaking at a Catholic university? Calls to withhold Communion from business executives Church statements attacking CEOs by name?

Here we have Mitt Romney yukking it up with one of his top supporters, Proctor & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald, which is the large private donor to Planned Parenthood. Sources say that they give PP 1/8 of it's budget and over $102 million.


common cents said...

Please consider the possibility that Planned Parenthood does more to prevent abortions than bring them about. It does this by making sure people are knowledgeable about birth control and making sure that people have ready access to such alternatives. I further argue that discouraging people to use contraception contributes to decisions by women to opt for abortions.

Jeannie Hoffmann said...

First of all, it is my sole conviction that abortion, for any reason, is murder, and the killing of a child, born or unborn is both incomprehensible and abhorrent to me.

With that being said, as I believe there are TEN COMMANDMENTS sent to us by God, and "Thou shall not kill" is but one of them. Perhaps we should take a look also at "Thou shall NOT bear false witness against they neighbor" DO WE REALLY KNOW which of these commandments are the greatest? It is my belief that they are all held equal in the eyes of God.

And bearing that in mind, do not our politicians have a moral responsibility to be honest with their constituents regarding their agenda. For Mitt Romney, to say "I oppose abortion" , but jet into partnership with CEO's of major corporations that give billions to organizations like Planned Parenthood, and sponsor abortion fulfillment through contraceptives and the morning after pill or allow tax incentives to go to wealthy CEO's and their companies and these plans are paying for abortions, and the companies that produce abortion drugs and procedures, like PP, are still business. Who pays for those tax incentives? Why the taxpayer, of course. So, it appears to me, that both of our candidates share this problem. And if we vote according to our conscience, which according to referring to #35 and #36, It is President Obama that is the far better choice, he is the best one to LEAD the country, and provide quality of life to ALL Americans.