Thursday, September 8, 2011


In last night's Republican candidate debate, working mother Michelle Bachmann bashed mothers who want to stay at home to care for their children.

Bachmann cited a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study that concluded that thanks to the new health care law, about one half of one percent of current workers will choose to leave the labor force because they are only working to get health insurance. These are almost all working mothers whose husbands currently don't have family coverage.

Under the new health care law, families will be able to make a freer choice if it is best for for Mom to work or stay at home with the kids.

Bachmann bashed the health care law, suggesting that the mothers making this choice are "killing jobs."

Memo to Michelle -- Mothers are not slaves for Big Business . If mothers choosing to stay at home with the kids means Big Business will have slightly less people in the workforce pool, so be it. It is a family choice if Moms work or not and it is a good thing when a Mom does not have to work just to get health insurance when her husband's job does not offer it.

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