Friday, September 9, 2011


According to new pollling data from Gallup, Catholics continue to give strong support to President Obama, in numbers far more favorable than Protestants or the general public.

In the current political climate, the favorable/unfavorable ratings of public figures are in the dumps. Congress has a record low favorable rating of 12%. President Obama, while enjoying higher favorability ratings than any GOP leader including Speaker Boehner, Senate Republican Leader McConnell and media darling Sarah Palin, also has his challenges.

But Catholics are giving the President strong support with a favorability rating of 50%, 13 points ahead of Protestants. Jewish voters are also supportive, with a 60% favorability. Mormons only give the President 25%.

Also of interest is that while Obama maintains much better support among Catholics than the general public, much of the decline from his previous even higher approval ratings comes from the Hispanic community, which has been disappointed that progress has not been made on immigration reform. In other words, the best way the President could do better among Catholics is by "moving to the Left" and advancing the immigration policies that he and the Catholic Church have long stood for.

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