Thursday, July 10, 2008


It is with great excitement today that we announce the launch of "10,000 Catholics for Obama," a grass roots web initiative that will organize support for Barack Obama among Catholics and other people of faith. Available at, the website is a response to the quick show of enthusiasm that we received for this Facebook page when it was launched in early April.

10,000 Catholics for Obama is an innovative, interactive web site that is intended to turn the page on the way faith and politics typically intersect in an election year. Instead of dividing voters with appeals to narrow issues, users can submit personal prayers, learn more about community service opportunities, and write personal testimonies for Barack Obama.
We hope to continue building a nation-wide movement of Catholics and other people of faith for Barack Obama through the organizing tools on 10,000 Catholics for Obama site.We have already started to organize teams of Catholic leaders in major battleground states. Sign up to become a team leader today by visiting the site, and be sure to spread the word about the site to your friends and families.

Starting this Saturday, we will organize barbecues for Obama across the U.S., entitled "Fired Up, Ready to Grill!" Visit the site and RSVP to host a barbecue or find one in your area. If you cannot attend or host one this Saturday, we will be organizing them throughout the summer.

Thank you for your help!

Peter James Kralovec


Rustler45 said...

"10,000 Catholics for Obama,"


And that's about all they're going to have.

Very possumus!

Sean said...

I've signed up. Thanks, Katherine.

Regina said...

Rustler, like his buddy John McCain, it a little out of it. "10,000 for..." is a common group name on the social network site facebook. If you don't understand, ask someone under 30.

Milehimama said...

Is that like 10,000 maniacs?

Considering there are 300 million Americans, isn't he setting his sights a little low?

Rustler45 said...

Regina, but in this case it is coincidental that that's all there's going to be.

betty said...

Men Behaving Badly

McCain's friendship with Nancy Reagan "was strained" in the late '70s "by McCain's decision to divorce his first wife, Carol, who was particularly close to the Reagans, and within weeks marry Cindy Hensley." The Reagans "rushed to help Carol, finding her a new home" in southern CA with the family of Reagan aide Ed Meese III and a series of political and WH jobs "to ease her through that difficult time."

An examination of court documents shows that McCain did not sue his wife for divorce until 2/19/80, and he wrote in his court petition that he and his wife had "cohabited" until 1/7/80 -- "or for the first nine months of his relationship with Hensley."

McCain "has acknowledged that he behaved badly, and that his swift divorce and remarriage brought a cold shoulder from the Reagans that lasted years." McCain spokesperson Tucker Bounds: "Of course we will not comment on the breakup of the senator's first marriage, other than to note that the senator has always taken responsibility for it" (Serrano/Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times, 7/11).

Drusilla said...

How does one say a complete "Hail Mary" - including "Blessed is the Fruit of your womb, Jesus" and then support Obama knowing what his attitudes toward abortion are? How can you be so gung ho to spread the good news about Obama but not the good news taught by Jesus Christ? The good news in the teaching of the Church? The good news that babies are not punishment? The good news that even scary crises can be healed and redeemed? That sin, including abortion, is real and so forgiveness is real?

This site makes no sense. Catholic supporting Obama for president makes no sense. Abortion is not a negotiable issue. It and it alone is a deal breaker. The teaching of the Church can't just be set aside in the name of change. (Not all changes are good.)

I'm certainly not saying there are no problems with McCain. I am saying there is at least one insurmountable problem with Obama.

I'll pray for all of you and continue to pray for him and the rest of his supporters.

Katherine said...


You are wrong, wrong, wrong if you think it is "good news" when an unmarried 13 year old girl has a baby. How many parents would say "honey, isn't that good news!" when their 13 year old daughter says she is having a baby? Hopefully it is the same number as the votes McCain will get.

regina said...

good news that a 13 year old is pregnant? Yikes, Drusllia, I can't go along with that. Is McCain saying "good job, girls" to that group of teenagers in Massachusetts that all got pregnant?

We don't need a president who thinks this is good news.

Rustler45 said...

DRUSILLA SAID: I'm certainly not saying there are no problems with McCain. I am saying there is at least one insurmountable problem with Obama.

Hey Drusilla, there's a lot more wrong with him than abortion. It's the worst, but there so many others that it's hard to keep track.

Milehimama said...

A 13 year old having a baby is certainly better news than a 13 year old KILLING a baby.

Kurt said...

mile hi --

I hope you are not joining Drusill'as chorus of calling a 13 year old having a baby as "good news". it is not. And as Senator Obama says, children should be taught the sacredness of sex and the facts of life so they are not punishing a baby and punishing themselves by having a unmarried 13 year old pregnant.

Those who can't see that this is not "good news" really take themselves out of serious discussion.

Milehimama said...

Obviously you didn't bother to think about my statement.

I'll put it another way.

A 13 year old who is pregnant has two choices: have a baby or have an abortion.

Giving birth is preferable to murder.

Kurt said...

Mama --

That still doesn't make it "good news", as Drusilla said and you implied. Senator Obama said it was a bad thing for a 13 year old unmarried girl to get pregnant. He said young people should be taught the sacredness of sex and facts of life to avoid such unfortuante circumstance for the mother and child.

Senator Obama is RIGHT on both of those points.

Absolutely right.

And anyone who says he is not right on those two points is a fool (at best).

Milehimama said...

I was not talking about a girl GETTING pregnant, but rather addressing a girl WHO IS already pregnant.

It is not a good thing for a 13 year old girl to GET pregnant. But that was not my point. Katherine's original comment didn't seem to be addressing pre-sex issues.

I'm not sure if Katherine's anti-McCain point was that abortion should be available to pregnant 13 year olds, or what. What was your point, K?

Drusilla said...

A baby is always good news. Always. Raising a baby may be the wrong choice but killing a baby never is. Anyone here who believes otherwise honestly needs to consider what it means to be Catholic.

We can't choose to murder the most helpless human beings in the name of protecting teenagers and then think we are becoming conformed to Christ's image. That's why we're here - to be conformed to Christ's image and likeness.

Fixing every problem is not our goal. Becoming holy is. And choosing to murder infants, choosing to support murdering them, and believing that murdering babies isn't all that bad and is certainly preferable to the discomfort of adoption is rejecting holiness. We can't have it both ways.

And I shall continue to pray for all here as well as for Obama. My health is very bad right now; perhaps God will use my sickness and pain for the healing of those Catholics who believe killing babies is ever preferable or expedient.

kurt said...

Ok. So whatever other differences we have, Milehimama, Drusilla, Senator Obama and I are all in agreement that it is not good for an unmarried 13 year old to get pregnant.

Glad we could clear that up.

Katherine said...

Talk about 10,000 Catholics -- let me give a shout out to St. Bernardine’s Roman Catholic Church in Baltimore, Md. When their pastor, Father Miller, made a passing remark not to endorse any particular presidential candidate, but just mentioning the idea of Obama as President, reaction of St. Bernardine’s congregation was spotanious joy shouted, applauded and cheered.

Sure beats just an "AMEN!"

Guess we know whcih way that parish is voting!

Drusilla said...

This site has inspired a post on my blog because if a 13 year-old is pregnant, abortion is never, never good and because abortion can never be reduced to "at least we can agree it is not good for _____ (please, feel free to fill in the blank)." Abortion is never just a matter of differing opinions. It's always murder.

Kurt said...


I would totally agree with you that abortion is never good.

That agreed to, some time ago Senator Obama spoke to why young people should be taught the facts of life and the sacredness of sex. He indicated that they should because he would not like to see 13 year old girls like his daughter have the woe of having a baby at her age and state in life.

Now, I think Senator Obama was entirely right on this, and while I find your statements hard to follow, I am assuming you have backed away from your previous statement that it is "good news" when a young lady in these circumstances has a baby.

Ace said...


NARAL understands Obama on abortion perfectly: “Sen. Obama has consistently said he supports the tenets set forth by Roe, and has made strong statements against President Bush’s Federal Abortion Ban, which does not have an exception to protect a woman’s health.” When you support Obama you support baby-killing through nine-months of pregnancy. It appears he's changed his position on children born alive after attempted abortions, but when he had the chance to vote them legal protection he refused.

It's true that if you are invincibly ignorant your support is without sin, but the fact remains that you're supporting baby-killing.

By the way, can you remove the insulting Stalinist-style picture of the pope? It's insulting. Pro-life people would never have the disrespect to put a picture like that on a blog supporting McCain.

Ace said...

I hate to admit it. I was too angry when I posted that last comment. I addressed Drusilla who I agreed with when I meant Katherine. Sorry Drusilla. It's hard for me to deal with the public call that Catholics vote for a politician dedicated through-and-through to make sure prer-born babies get no legal protection.

Katherine said...

By the way, can you remove the insulting Stalinist-style picture of the pope? It's insulting. Pro-life people would never have the disrespect to put a picture like that on a blog supporting McCain.

Actually, I got it from a pro-life website.

Kurt said...

she got you there, ace!

Betty said...

I think it is crazy to be telling 13 year old girls that having a baby is good. It is not. Obama is right. Teach them this is not good.

Jerry said...

It is hard to imagine a more misguided venture than this. If you succeed in helping to elect the most liberal senator in congress the pro-life movement will be dealt a crippling blow. Obama has made it very clear that he will have a litmus test for judicial candidates.

djaxfo said...

The word oxyMORON comes to mind. There is one issue that cannot be compromised - life. EVERYTHING else can be negotiated. We need to use the English language properly - 'women's health care'; ask the unborn - oopps, they cannot speak for hemselves. "Choice" - the Bible says - 'for me and my family - we choose life'. We ARE our brother's keeper - we DO need to help others. What we do to the least of these we do to HIM.

Sean said...

any thoughts about McCain's compromises on abortion and ESCR?

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

Anonymous said...

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