Saturday, August 25, 2012



DES MOINES – Obama for America today announced the campaign’s new Iowa Catholics for Obama Co-Chairs, supporters who recognize the President’s record of leading with values and fighting for so many of the priorities and policies that Catholics hold dear. This group is made up of Catholic leaders and grassroots supporters from Iowa who are committed to helping our country continue to move in the right direction.

Since day one, President Obama has advanced policies and programs that help American families, working in partnership with faith-based and community organizations. From fighting for health insurance reform so no family will have to worry about how to make ends meet in the face of illness or disease, to supporting tax reform in which everyone pays their fair share, to ensuring every child has access to a good education, President Obama believes that we are our brother and sister’s keeper. The President strongly believes that we have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves because helping hardworking Americans succeed is part of what defines us as a nation. The Obama Administration has consistently partnered with Catholic non-profits like Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services to serve those in need—financial partnerships totaling over $1.5 billion over the past two years to aid these organizations in their important work.

“President Obama believes that we are in this together and that we are greater together than we are on our own. Catholics are supporting President Obama because he understands the importance of an active faith in pursuit of the common good – something he has lived his life by and that has served him over the course of his career in public service. The President’s record, character and values make the choice in this election incredibly stark and clear,” said Broderick Johnson, who leads the campaign’s outreach efforts with Catholics.

For more information, please visit where you will find a letter from the Catholics for Obama National Co-Chairs highlighting the President’s commitment to moving our country forward.

Iowa Catholics for Obama Co-Chairs:

Former First Lady of Iowa Mari Culver, Des Moines

State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald, Waukee

State Representative Pat Murphy, Dubuque

Ken Kraus, Dubuque

Jennifer Herrington, Clarinda


Paul said...

It is this local, grassroots organizing that is the reason Obama is winning the Catholic vote. The Republicans hoot and hollar but we are organizing in each diocese and each parish. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The reason Obama should lose the Catholic vote is because he is VERY pro abortion, having voted 6 times against the Born Alive Act, he is for the legalization of ALL abortions, even those of a late term, fully developed child who is ripped from the mother's womb, stabbed in the back of the head and has her brains sucked out. If that's not enough, then the fact that he is for a national law legalizing same sex marriage. If that is not enough, then hope about his deside to strip the Catholic Church if her religious liberty. If that is not enough, then support and vote as you will, but don't profane the Catholic Church by calling yourself a Catholic.

Paul said...

The reason Obama WILL win the Catholic vote is because of blather like the comment above.

We are going to win this election because of this type of rhetorical extremism from the Right (along with their comments on 'legitimate rape')

No More Nonsense ,Please! said...

Hey Anonymous, are you married? Have any kids? Any of them gay? You sure? BTW, I think your comments are a disgrace towards everything that Jesus lived and died for. Call yourself whatever, but God knows what you are. Someday maybe you will get the difference between being pro-abortion and pro-abortion rights and that pretty much no one, aside from a very few demented people, are pro-abortion. But you'd probably find a rationale to vote for them if they opposed President Obama. Finally, it seems your idea of religious liberty is to be involved in politics but not get taxed.

Anonymous said...

Paul -- "Blather" like yours is why I am voting for Romney. I voted for Obama in 2008, but I cannot stomach any longer the total disregard for the unborn, marriage and religious liberty. Yes, there are other issues. But c'mon, we cannot just lay down and allow this President to get away with what he is doing to Catholics and the Church. I am not leaving the Democratic party. They left me and my Church.

I Don't Believe You, Anon said...

So Anonymous, why did you vote for President Obama in 2008? His position on abortion rights is no different now than it was back then. According to your reasoning, how could you have called yourself a Catholic then? Why is it that I get a sense that you are not being at all honest in posting that you voted for him but now you can't again? Given such a sense, why is it that I also get the impression that defeating the President is more important to you than any other issue, expecially since abortion rights will not be reversed if Romney is elected (but he won't be)?

Paul said...

I don't believe Anon either.