Monday, March 26, 2012

Bishops Support Obama on Key Funding Issues

The Catholic Bishops have sent a letter to all members of Congress. It touches on a wide variety of issues but specifically supports President Obama on key domestic policy issues such as Pell Grants, workforce training and development, SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) and other priorities. The Bishops says the Administration should spend more on housing for the poor and elderly.

The Bishops also warn against shifting health care costs to senior citizens and the disabled. This is a key feature of the Ryan Budget plan.

They also say that in addressing budget deficits, it is wrong to exclude raising revenue and cutting military spending.

A link to the full letter is below.


perpetually perplexed by zealots said...

I'm just wondering if anybody noticed that the Holy Father visited Mexico right after the Santorums and other right wing Catholic zealots were excoriating the Obamas for sending their daughter to . . . Mexico.

Philip J. Harold said...
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some guy said...

Philip, I recall Justin Raimondo's website being opposed to militarily stopping the Serbs when they were waging warfare that was at least borderline genocidal. So why do you include a link to it on your website? So much for being consistently antiwar. BTW, popes aren't elected by universal suffrage. And I predict President Obama will get even more Catholic votes than he did in 2008. Who is Justin supporting for president now?

Reemberto Rodriguez, Sr. said...

Please note that the link to the letter is incomplete - and not even hyperlink... The correct link is:

Reemberto Rodriguez, Sr. said...

Please note that the link to the letter is incomplete (and it does not hyperlink.) The correct, complete link is: