Thursday, April 17, 2008


We have received the following message from our brother Peter James Kralovec, the administrator of the Facebook groups 'Catholics for Obama United.'

Dear Friends,

I wanted to bring attention to what local groups of Catholics and other faith communities in four cities have been doing to honor Pope Benedict XVI's historic visit to the United States. These groups, brought together by their support of Barack, have organized a series of community service projects under the theme, "Days of Hope Abounding: Feeding the Hungry, Caring for the Forgotten, Visiting the Elderly."

The days of service, which are occurring in New York, D.C., Philadelphia, and South Bend, Indiana this Thursday and Friday, are intended to honor the Pope's visit and his message of hope. The Day of Service is not a political event and the local groups are encouraging others to join in the shared effort. I have attached a flyer that provides details about all of the activities organized in each city. Contact information is provided should you want to get involved.

The groups are reaching out to those so often forgotten in our society - the hungry, the poor, and the elderly. During the day of service, volunteers will visit soup kitchens in New York City, a nursing home in South Bend, Indiana, a food distribution center in Washington, D.C., and a homelessness prevention center in Philadelphia.

Please join in these service efforts or start one in your community.

In hope,

Peter James Kralovec


Join us for a Day of Service In Honor of
Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit:

Days of Hope Abounding: Feeding the
Hungry, Caring for the Forgotten,
Visiting the Elderly

On this Thursday and Friday, local groups of Catholics and other people of faith, brought together by their support of Barack, will perform acts of mercy in honor of the Holy Father’s historic visit to the United States. This is not a political event and all are welcome to join in – Catholics, members of all faith communities, and those who simply wish to honor the Pope’s visit and his message of peace. Consider supporting these initiatives in order to reach out to communities often forgotten in our society—the hungry, the poor, and the elderly. You can either connect with an ongoing service effort near you or start one in your community.

Thursday, April 17, 2008
Washington D.C.
5:00-8:00 PM – D.C. Central Kitchen
Volunteers will help prepare fresh, locally grown produce that is used for job training
programs and served at soup kitchens and shelters around the city.
Contact: Webb Lyons,, 256-490-9821

Friday, April 18, 2008
New York City, NY

9:45-12:30 PM – Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen
Volunteers will help serve food and scrub tables at one of the largest, longest-running
soup kitchens in the city.
Contact: Cassie Herman,, 516-459-6391

7:00-9:30 PM – Grand Central Food Program
Volunteers will work with a mobile soup kitchen that serves meals every night.
Contact: Cassie Herman,, 516-459-6391

Philadelphia, PA
10:15 - 1:15 PM - Project H.O.M.E.
(Housing, Opportunities for Employment, Medical Care, Education)
Volunteers and Former Congressman Tim Roemer will tour a neighborhood and serve
the community.
Contact: Dave Ederer,, 716-348-9944

South Bend, IN 1:45 ‐ 3:30 PM ‐ Cardinal Nursing Home Volunteers will attend Mass and visit with elderly residents. Contact: Justin Tresnowski,, 847-989-8472

To get more information: Contact Jamie Kralovec,, 773‐732‐8376.

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Anonymous said...

I am concerned about social justice and poverty in the U.S. But it is clear that Obama's policies will increase poverty and injustice in our country. Why? Because 80% of poverty is comprised of single motherhood. 46% of Hispanic babies and 69% of African-American babies are born to unmarried mothers. A dramatic increase in out-of-wedlock births began in 1969 when abortion was being legalized in several states, and has continued until today when a third of our children are born out-of-wedlock. Contraception has been easily avalable during this period. In every country where abortion and contraception are legal, both abortions and out-of-wedlock births increase.
Obama supports the Freedom of Choice Act that would force every taxpayer to pay for abortions during all nine months of pregnancy and overturn every law limiting abortions. He also has stated clearly that maintaining Roe v. Wade is a priority for him and precisely "what is at stake in this election." (7/17/07 speech to Planned Parenthood) Obama insists on including contraception in sexual education for (unmarried) youth in our schools, even though it has been proven that abstinence-only programs are the only ones that have succeeded in reducing teen pregnancy.
Therefore, if Obama becomes President, he will continue the failed policy of legalized abortion and promotion of contraception in the schools, which are precisely the realities which are increasing poverty, destabilizing family life, corrupting American society and contributing to economic decline. Abortion is the most important issue at stake in this election. We cannot be strong internationally as long as we continue violence against our own innocent unborn children and damage to our family structure which is the basic unit of our economic and social strength. Children need both a mother and a father in the home, not a governmental daddy. Abortion has a negative affect on a couple's relationship as well as causing emotional and physical damage to women such as infertility, cancer risk, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, migraine headaches and other serious problems. Obama's pro-abortion policy hurts women and children. Obama has even refused to allow doctors and nurses to save the lives of babies born after a failed abortion. Nothing he can say about peace, justice or opposition to violence can cover over such bare-faced cruelty.
NB: Documentation is available for all the above remarks.
Thank you for your attention to these crucial concerns.
From Kate: