Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Obama Picking Up Steam in Pennsylvania!

Clinton's lead has fallen from 16 points to 6 in Pennsylvania. Things are moving in the right direction. Now is the time to get involved. Remember, for each Roman Catholic diocese in Pennsylvania there is a Catholics for Obama organization. Join today!

Is Clinton doomed by Obama getting Casey nod?

March 31, 2008
by Frank James
Chicago Tribune

Franklin and Marshall professors Terry Madonna and Michael Young have a new Politically Uncorrected" column in which they assert that the endorsement by Sen. Bob Casey of his fellow junior senator, Barack Obama, may spell doom for the presidential hopes of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Cutting to the chase, their premise is that Casey is popular with a lot of blue-collar voters in the state and while his endorsement of the senator from Illinois may not lead to Obama winning Pennsylvania, it could cut significantly into Clinton's lead, giving her a less-than-huge win and causing enough super delegates to declare for Obama.

Here's their piece's money quote:

The take away point here is that the Casey endorsement may be a game-ender, a final speed bump for Clinton that blocks any remaining viable path to the nomination. She needs to win Pennsylvania big, and Casey’s presence in the race makes it hard for her to do that. Clinton probably still wins the state—but not by enough to allow her to continue the race past Pennsylvania.

Read on for the entire piece:

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