Thursday, March 27, 2008

McCain Names Abortion Rights Activist to Lead Republican Convention

Bob Novak reports that "John McCain's team that is taking over the Republican Party has decided on Bobbie Greene Kilberg", a pro-abortion rights Republican from Virginia "long detested by conservatives, to run the party's national convention." Kilberg is a former leader of the pro-abortion rights National Women's Political Caucus, ran as a pro-choice candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia and had differences with social conservatives while serving in the first Bush White House. She is very close to big business and the Republican Establishment.


Agnes said...

I would not vote against McCain just based on this. But I think it does indicate that we have a situation that is not as clear cut as some suggest. The situation regarding the abortion issue is complex.

Walter said...

no, the issue is quite simple. "Thou shalt not murder"...what's so complex about that? People make the issue complex in order to justify their politics.

BTW, i had not planned on voting for McCain anyway. Alan Keyes can be written in.