Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Letter & Invitation to Catholics

Dear Fellow Catholics:

We are writing to invite you to join us and thousands of engaged Catholics and people of other faiths in supporting Barack Obama's campaign for a new kind of politics in America.

As public servants and practicing Catholics who have fought to promote social justice and the common good, we believe that the basic moral test of our society is how we treat the most vulnerable in our midst.

That is why we are standing for change and supporting Barack Obama.

As committed people of faith who have attempted to live out our values, we know the real article when we see it.

Through Barack's work as a United States Senator – and before that as an Illinois State Senator and as an organizer on the streets of the South Side of Chicago – he has shown a profound understanding and commitment to the dignity and worth of people everywhere. Whether fighting mortgage fraud and protecting American consumers, combating veterans' homelessness, or expanding access to health care for low income families in the Illinois General Assembly, Barack has walked the walk. He also demonstrated wisdom and judgment by opposing the war in Iraq that should never have been authorized.

Many families have felt the pinch from corporate outsourcing, shrinking paychecks, and rising costs – at the grocery store, at the gas pump, and at the doctor's office. Barack Obama knows that these are not only technical problems – they are also moral issues.

Click here to read more on how Barack will create jobs and offer relief for working families. <>

As public servants, as parents, as lay members of a proud faith tradition, we share Barack's hunger for a politics that reflects that Gospel mandate to be our brother's keeper and our sister's keeper.

We hope you will join us in achieving this new kind of politics by supporting Barack Obama.

To receive more information about upcoming events across the state and to get involved with other people of faith and Catholics for Obama, simply contact Barack's faith outreach team by sending an e-mail to, or sign up at the following website:

We look forward to meeting you and working with you in the days and weeks ahead.


Tim Kaine
Governor of Virginia

Tim Roemer
Former Member of Congress


Walter said...

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious...this is a joke. You cited the liberal mantra of jobs, equality, blah blah blah, but nowhere do I see ANY reference to the Catholic Church's teachings on the KILLING OF INNOCENTS! Are you so wrapped up in the secular, modernistic world that you have FORESAKEN GOD and His teachings? Get off the koolaid and return to the church...supporting your rock star at the expense of your soul is truly a grave sin--God won't care to hear your excuses about how you supported a person who advocates the killing of children (during and after an abortion!).
I will pray for yours and your fellow misled sheep's souls.

Katherine said...

Thank you, Mr. Butters, for your thoughts. You are in my prayers, too.

Carole said...

I'm puzzled as to how any self-respecting Catholic could even consider supporting Obama for president. His positions on moral issues are contrary to Catholic teaching.

Maybe this is for CINO's.

Anonymous said...

Obama has voted for every abortion initiative, in Illinois and in Congress. He has voted against the ban on so-called partial birth abortion--the killing of a fully born, but pushed back into the birth canal, child. No Catholic who values his soul can vote for him, period! And the Demoncrat Party, as long as it upholds the "principle" of killing innocent life, will never get a vote from me or my family, even if they were to run Mother Theresa!