Thursday, February 28, 2008

Interesting Data on Protestant Voters

New poll demonstrates political diversity of evangelical voters

February 19, 2008 -- Faith in Public Life and the Center for American Progress Action Fund commissioned a poll in two Super Tuesday states, Missouri and Tennessee, to demonstrate what our television network pollsters are missing. Their poll, released last week, showed:
One-third of all white evangelical voters in both states participated in the Democratic primaries.
There were 160,000 evangelical Democratic voters in Missouri and 180,000 evangelical Democratic voters in Tennessee. That's as many or more than all African American voters, all voters over 65, or all voters who said the Iraq war is the most important issue facing the country in those states.

Majorities of evangelical voters in both states support a broader issue agenda that goes beyond abortion and same-sex marriage to include ending poverty, protecting the environment, and tacking HIV/AIDS.

News outlets are picking up the story...

Peter Steinfels column, New York Times, "Evangelical Democrats, Exit Polls and a Matter of Balance", 2/2/08

Chicago Tribune, "WWED: What will evangelicals do?" 2/13/08

Jefferson City News Tribune (Missouri), "Poll finds evangelicals vote in both parties", 2/12/08

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