Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Our first and most fundamental freedom is the right to self-governance.  For all its shortcomings, democracy protects liberty better than any alternative, something the Catholic bishops did not accept in Spain, 1936. 

For all of the negative ads, comments, postings, and rants as well as the oft offered claim that we are choosing the lesser of two evils, in fact we had two very honorable and decent men running for President.  Governor Romney's concession speech was gracious and in keeping with the best traditions of our Republic.  And the President was very kind (as well as accurate) in noting that not only has Governor Romney contributed to the betterment of our nation, but also his parents, George and Lenore. 

God bless America.  God bless the President.  Best wishes to Governor Romney.  And please remember in your prayers the departed souls, especially George and Lenore Romney. 


just jake said...

Yay! I would like to sincerely thank all the extremist right-wing Catholics who contributed so much to ensure the re-election of the Obama-Biden ticket. Love youse.

And Katherine and Kurt: Great Job!

Robert Judge said...

I noticed your site had references to health care being a right, but you didn't note the USCCB quoting both John Paul II and Benedict XVI also noting that abortion is intrinsically evil and must be opposed. You are leading people to ascend to the murder of countless innocent human beings. Life trumps all other human rights, because if the person is dead, the other rights don't really matter. I'll pray very much your you and other terribly misguided Catholics that we can bring about real social justice that doesn't involve the killing of innocent children.

Katherine said...

Mr. Judge,

No life doesn't trumps all other human rights. Rights are rights. The promotion of one right does not morally allow opposition to another right.

Yes, the Church teaches that abortion, like sodomy, racism, contraception, bearing false witness and masturbation are intrinsic evils. That really doesn't say much about making any of these acts criminal.

Let me ask you a favor. How about you make a serious case for the protection of the unborn rather than using a term that has nothing to do with the legal status of an act but is just something that Republican financed focus groups found to be "scary words"?

Larry B. said...

Abortion stops the heartbeat of an innocent human being through a violent intentional act. Should that not be outlawed? I thought one of the purposes of government was to protect its citizens. If not, then nothing should be outlawed.

The right to life is the most fundamental right because if you are dead, other "rights" really don't matter now do they?

Katherine said...


I respectfully disagree with Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney, both of whom do not have on their agenda any laws to make abortion illegal.

Kurt said...


Anonymous said...

How does everyone feel about this?

just jake said...

Egads, Anonymous! I'm afraid you've crossed over the line into the realm of delusional paranoia. Please get the help you obviously need. And please rest assured that President Obama is not going to require that you have a chip implanted in you.

I suggest more reasonable folks look at:

Katherine said...

With 481 posts, this blog as completed the course. Thank you to all our readers. And, through the intecession of Mary our Mother, may God bless you today and always.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Obama is in favor of all five of the non-negotiables. That means a Catholic who voted for him cannot be in good conscience. To have voted for him is a mortal sin and a rejection of the Catholic faith. Such a Catholic in essence, is a traitor and a heretic. He cannot approach the altar for communion. That means you Katherine.

Katherine said...

I'm a daily communicant. So much for your comment.