Thursday, November 1, 2012



Being a holyday, I took a break from campaign work for the President's re-election to go to Mass here in Cleveland.  Nothing inappropriately political at the Mass, thanks be to God.  The dioceses of Ohio have generally been good in not politicizing the liturgy, earning them the wrath of the Right-Wing, some of whom have been sending nasty letters to the bishop.

Coming into the church, however, was a guy passing out a "Pro-Life Ballot" published by Ohio Right to Life.  You might be interested to know that opposing congressional redistricting reform is a pro-life issue.  It is "anti-life" to take away from politicians the task of drawing their own political boundaries.  Who knew?

I can say that few of the Mass attendees had any interest in the propaganda, some made clear their displeasure.  Some took the materials and quickly discarded it. I "volunteered" to clean up the church and picked up the trash left in the back so no one would mistakenly think this was authorized material.

It is an important lesson that those Catholics committed enough to attend a workday Holyday Mass have little interest in the anti-Obama, partisan propaganda put out by the Right-Wing.

Ohio is looking good.

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Anonymous said...

Throwing away those papers was wrong. And I feel sorry for Ohio. Politics are linked to religion. If you vote without even taking into consideration the Church's teachings, then what does that say about how much your religion actually means to you?