Monday, May 14, 2012

We're Not Quiting.


From our always thoughtful friend, E.J. Dionne:

Recently, a group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) ran a full-page ad in The Washington Post cast as an “open letter to ‘liberal’ and ‘nominal’ Catholics.” Its headline commanded: “It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church.”...I’m sorry to inform the FFRF that I am declining its invitation to quit. It may not see the Gospel as a liberating document, but I do, and I can’t ignore the good done in the name of Christ by the sisters, priests, brothers and lay people who have devoted their lives to the poor and the marginalized.

And on women’s rights, I take as my guide that early feminist Pope John XXIII. ...I’d like the FFRF to learn more about the good Pope John, but I wish our current bishops would think more about him, too. I wonder if the bishops realize how some in their ranks have strengthened the hands of the church’s adversaries (and disheartened many of the faithful) with public statements — including that odious comparison of President Obama to Hitler by a Peoria prelate last month — that threaten to shrink the church into a narrow, conservative sect.

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Anonymous said...

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Philip J. Harold said...

EJ Dionne and "thoughtful" were two words I never thought would go together in the same sentence. Dionne's job is to approve of whatever the beltway elites think.

You need to shut this blog down. It's becoming sheer Democratic hackery.

Obama has shown his colors on religious freedom and life issues: