Friday, February 10, 2012


From Catholics United.  Their views represents ours as well:

The White House today announced a compromise on the recent Department of Health and Human Services decision regarding contraceptive coverage for religious institutions. The religious exemption clause has been expanded to include non-profits, universities, and hospitals that object to including contraceptives in their coverage.

These institutions will not be required to provide insurance with this coverage nor will they be mandated to give referrals to women who wish to receive contraceptives. Instead, insurance companies will contact employees individually about contraceptive coverage. This will not cost insurance companies or employers more because the cost of preventive care is almost always less than the cost of treatment.

We at Catholics United see this decision as a win-win for both religious institutions and women’s health advocates. The compromise will remove the obligation from religious institutions to violate their conscience while giving their employees the opportunity to have access to comprehensive care.

This solution is a positive development as it will protect the Catholic identity of religious institutions and individual religious liberties. Women, including non-Catholic employees, will be able to obtain comprehensive health services through their insurance with no co-pay. We hope all sides will accept this ruling as a win to religious liberties and an indication that government is willing to work with all sides to come to a solution.

UPDATE:  Representatives of most of the impacted Catholic agencies have signed off on this accomodation. 


Max said...

Wow this is as bad or worse than the orginal regulations. Under the old HHS regulations employers at religious affliated institutions would provide insurance that included contraception and the abortion pill. Under the new regs employeers will provide insurance that will include contraception and the abortion pill, except
the insurance companies are now mandated to provide this service for "free". BTW Obama knows the insurance companies will just jack up the premiums to cover the extra costs. So the religious institutions will be paying for it anyway. Its a shell game to provide cover for his political allies.

So now Obama has mandated that contraception and abortion pills are a right, and a company is forced to provide its service for free. I know of no other instance where the government forces a company to provide services for free, or how that can even be constitutional.

Obama apparently can now tell companies what services they have to provide and if His Majesty so determines, he will wave his hand, and after the oceans part, the services will be free to all.

Katherine said...

It gives the religious employer clean hands. It is a very wise accomodation.

And you are wrong about insurers jacking up prices. The private market (so beloved by conservatives) sells health care with contraception for 10% LESS than plans prohibiting it.

Max said...

Come on Katherine only 10%, I betcha its closer to 20%, no 30%.

This is great, the more government mandates the more prices go down! Dear Leader has changed the laws of economics, Obama '12 Obama '16 Obama forever!

Larry B. said...

Cardinal Mahoney is “outraged” by what he called the “incredulous contortions” that the White House had made in the so-called "compromise” plan. He states further speaking against our diabolical president: “I am insulted that you would think that Americans who value and treasure our Constitutional freedoms would even question your overreaching infringement on individual freedom of religion and freedom of conscience".

Cardinal Mahony further states that the revised plan “actually makes the entire matter far worse.” Additionally, he stated that "every effort must be undertaken to reverse your ill-conceived revocation of our Constitutional rights.”

Will you assist Cardinal Mahoney in this effort??

Why should any entity be forced under the penalty of a tax or a fine (whichever it is) be coerced to provide services against the Church's teaching (God's law)? In other words, why should the Church have to provide a healthcare plan that includes drugs (the pill) that are linked to cancer (Category 1 carcinogen as classified by an arm of the WHO)not alone drugs that are also abortifacients?

Pregancy is not a disease and therefore obtaining free contraception should not be identified as "preventive healthcare". Actually, it would be better termed as "anti-life services".

Is a baby a "disease"??

Can you please identify the Catholic bishops in this country that agree with your decision to support this so-called "compromise"?

Perhaps, the government should mandate free abstinence education to all. Perhaps the government should mandate free cholosterol medication to all for those over 50years of age. Perhaps the government should mandate a 52" screen television to all. Perhaps the government should mandate abortion centers within 5 miles of every home. Perhaps.... Perhaps .... Perhaps....

David said...

This is like Potius Pilate washing his hands before turning Jesus over to be crucified.