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Rep. Bill Johnson Attends Pro-life Rally Then Attacks Protections for Unborn Children
Posted January 24, 2012

Catholics United calls on Ohio Congressman to recognize the need to protect all unborn human life from Mercury poison

Washington DC – Yesterday Rep. Bill Johnson attended the annual March for Life and gave a speech in support of the need to protect prenatal human life. Only a few hours later, he then took the floor of the United States House of Representatives and railed against new public health standards that will specifically protect unborn babies and infants from Mercury poisoning. Mercury is a heavy metal that severely harms the brain development of children. Coal burning power plants are responsible for the majority of all Mercury pollution in the United States. In response to Rep. Bill Johnson's actions, Catholics United executive director, James Salt, issued the following statement:

“The dictionary states that a hypocrite is a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs. Yesterday Bill Johnson demonstrated just what this looks like. If Bill Johnson were serious about defending the lives of the unborn, he shouldn't attack the public health standards specifically designed to protect unborn babies from Mercury and heavy metal poisoning.”

For more information about Rep. Johnson's actions yesterday, visit:

For more information about the new public health standards that will protect unborn babies from Mercury poisoning, visit:


Max said...

Katherine give it up. You cant defend your ANTI CATHOLIC president, so you make a pathetic argument to try and link a staunch pro life conservative with abortion. A procedure you support by virtue of your slobering love affair with Dear Leader.

Care to talk about the new health care regulation the regime is forcing on Church related institutions?

Ohio Mom said...

I voted for McCain in 2008. I think I will sit out this election. The Republicans are shameless. They really don't care about the unborn any more than the Democrats.

Max said...

Actually shameless is supporting a party that specifically is pro abortion, pro homosexual marriage,and forces religious institutions to violate their principles or drop health coverage for their employees.

Ohio Mom, good move sitting out the election. The country will be better off for it.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same mercury that President Obama is now mandating that we have in all of our light bulbs?

Kurt said...

Nope. That was a mandate from the "Pro-Life" Bush Administration.

Max said...

Now for the rest of the story. The law was passed in 2007. Bush did sign it into law however, it was passed by a Senate and a House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats.

The current Republican House of Representatives has been trying to repeal the ban on traditional light bulbs that is being phased in.

Katherine said...

The bill was singed by Bush on December 13, 2007, after being passed by the Senate 86-9.