Monday, June 6, 2011


Diocese Calls on Maine Legislature to Vote Against "Right-to-Work (for Less)" Bill

Catholic Teaching Says Labor Rights Must be Protected

At a rally in Portland, ME of union members and other people supporting the dignity of labor, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland announced its official opposition to a Right-to-Work" bill that would eliminate the Union Shop in Maine.

The Rev. Mike Seavey said the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland is officially opposing the bill, saying "at its core, all legislation should be about human dignity." He also referred to the attorney who has been retained by LePage to help conduct negotiations with state labor unions, who is being paid $295 an hour.

"If the administration is going to hire a negotiator from New York City at exorbitant Manhattan attorney rates, then our public employees have the ability and the right to organize themselves and present their contract expectations with mutual support," he said.

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