Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Catholics Demand Health Care Reform NOW!

Catholics are joining with President Obama to demand health care reform now. Catholic Charities, the Catholic Health Association and the St. Vincent de Paul Society – the three leading Catholic organizations involved in caring for the sick – have produce a compelling video on the need for action along the lines of the President’s plan. See the video here:

Catholics including these groups and social action organizations like Catholics United are asking the faithful to call and e-mail members of Congress to express support for Congress to enact health care reform now.

Thanks to these organizations and other Catholic leaders, we are maintaining the momentum for health care reform efforts despite vicious attacks by Right Wing groups opposing every plan before Congress than would insure the uninsured while controlling costs.

Right Wing groups also have tried to pressure the Catholic bishops to stop Catholics from supporting health care reform. Roger Playwin, the National Executive Director of the St. Vincent de Paul Society rejected false claims by Right Wing partisans, telling a conservative activist criticizing the plan, "The bishops' office has advised us that that's not accurate.”
Catholic Charities has been in the lead of efforts as well. Catholic Charities president Fr. Larry Snyder has sent a letter urging Congress to enact health care reform.

Catholic Health Association President Sister Carol Keehan has visited the White House to represent CHA and to help the President with his health care plan. Sister declared “We know how urgently change is needed for both moral and economic reasons.” President Obama appears in a video CHA has developed in support of health care reform.


Robert said...

Health care reform is fantastic. I can't wait for everything to be worked out so that everyone can get whatever treatment they need, when they need it without leaving a burdensome tax bill for the taxpayers. It's too bad that this bill is so pro-abortion though.

Joe said...

This isn't about health care reform. It's about the destruction if the present health care system and replacing it with government controlled and rationed health care. It's more about killing senior citizens and abortion than it is about health. It's about socialism and control.

Anonymous said...

Obama want to kill your granny!

Anonymous said...

I think we really need health care reform, but before supporting Obama's bill I sincerely hope that people will read the bill themselves rather than relying on someone else's interpretation. Here's a link to the bill. Personally, I am very against this bill. I have seen effective public healthcare in action (in Canada) and this seems to be as much about taking away civil liberties as providing effective health care.

Personally, I don't see how any practicing Catholic can support Obama. It's inconcievable to me, as someone who was raised in a more socialist culture. What he is doing is not left wing, it's all about consolidating power. This is not how other countries become more centralist or less privatized. This is different and frightening.

Nancy said...

Your statement about Catholic Charities being for ObamaCare is a misrepresentation. I have contacted them and they have publicized a formal statement that they do not condone or endorse any health care reform that would endanger or terminate life in the womb or encourage euthanasia. The article posted is regarding St. Vincent de Paul and I would take issue with them. But I believe there are those that are trying to pit Catholics against one another and confuse the public so it will be easier to sway them. Spreading untruths is a political tactic. People need to do a little research and not just believe all the propaganda being spouted by pro-socialists. BTW, If the health care was so good, the Congress would want it for themselves too. They don't! They just want control.

Kurt said...

Contrary to the ranting of Sarah Palin that Obama's health care plan woudl have her granny and her baby Trig go before an Obama Death Panel, there is no such provision in the President's bill.

Catholic Charities and St. Vincent dePaul Society are joining with many other Americans, AARP, labor unions, Protestant and Jewish organizations and community groups to demand health care reform now.

The untruths are coming from Sarah Palin, the "Town Hallers", Rush Limbaugh and the assorted nuts of the far right.

Kurt said...

And to "Anonymous",

I appreciate your interest in health care reform. The group you post a link with the nice sounding name "patients united now" is an organization whose board of directors is exclusively made up of corporate CEOs plus Ronald Reagan's budget director. The support the "Tea Party" protests and oppose worker's right to form labor unions.

Company bosses have every right to oppose the President on health care reform and not want their workers to have unions. They should just be up-front to what they really are.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who believe that a government run health care public plan would ration health care and threaten the very old, should work to overturn Medicare. I am surprised that old people in this country want to keep Medicare. Aren't they worried? I'm also surprised by people who worry about socialism and never give a thought to "corporatism" - count yourselves among the duped. Truly, if the government run program Medicare works as well as it does, and it works very well, why are you so afraid of another program?

Anonymous said...

I'm really feeling upset that as Catholics that we won't solidly fight for the right to life for our unborn and now our elderly. Too many Catholics have been misled by Obama and can't see, with clarity, their complicity with the evil going on all around us. Remember, the devil is the ultimate liar and evil is always veiled under various forms of lying, either by omission or commission. If we can't defend the unborn without question, then we can't really see the truth of what is right in front of us. You and I both know that abortion is not health care and the provisions for "preventative" healthcare has already been deemed to mean including abortion. Wake up fellow Catholics and see the truth of what is in front of you. Please, before it is too late!

phlojd said...

Let's keep things the way they are now where the insurance companies act as death panels, sentencing people to death by denying them health care. Yea, that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

A Novena petition from an email:

2 Chronicles 7:14 "if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

Pending health care legislation presently before Congress stands to be voted on at the end of the Summer recess. Unless amended, this bill is very likely to have serious ramifications for the pro-life cause.

The Catholic Church teaches that life and human dignity are the foundation upon which Catholic Social teaching and a moral society are built. Americans would be denied this dignity when the rationing of health care, which is intrinsic to any socialized health care plan, would require limiting care to seniors and those deemed to be of lesser value to society.

When nearing the end of life due to old age and illness, or even when still young and experiencing a serious illness, instead of you or a family member having the authority to decide your treatment options, the doctor or nurse practitioner will have the sole authority to issue an end of life order deciding what treatment you will receive, if any.

The pending health care legislation would include abortion coverage with your federal tax dollars. While not explicitly listed in the bill, the minimum benefits to be included in the health care plan would be determined by Kathleen Sebelius, the pro-abortion Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The pending health care legislation is the beginning of FOCA, once enacted all the other bits of FOCA will begin to surface. As abortion coverage will be mandatory and an essential right it won’t take long before they decide abortions must be performed in Catholic hospitals and by Catholic medical staff. Thankfully, the bishops have vowed to close the hospitals instead of becoming agents of death themselves. A demonstration of this intention was seen when the Senate voted down amendments to:

1. Prevent federal funding of abortion
2. Prevent mandating the inclusion of abortion in coverage
3. Protect the rights of healthcare workers who object to performing abortions
4. Prevent the healthcare bill from pre-empting State laws on abortion.

Please join us in a novena (9 days of prayer) from August 31-Sep 8. Catholics are encouraged to fast and pray the rosary, attend mass, or some other prayer or penitential act for the intention of stopping this legislation, or having it amended to include the four amendments which have been voted down. Non-Catholics are encouraged to join in prayer that they feel is most suitable. If you can’t be with us in prayer for all 9 days that’s ok, join in as much as possible.

Pass this on to as many people as you can. If you receive this after Aug 31 or even Sep 8 remember that it is never too late to pray! With God all things are possible.

Pauli said...

Then there's this...

Sean said...

I am praying we get a good health care reform bill, with a public option and an employer mandate and that the deart Lord is merciful but corrective towards the liars talking about 'death panels.'

Anonymous said...

And what of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" I ask you:fellow Catholics, Americans and human beings?

Surely , access to healthcare is something we all deserve.

And the ethical and moral thing to do , is to rise above partisan politics, cable television rhetoric and one's self-interest and pocketbook. Jesus teaches us to respect life indeed...including those already on this earth and lacking adequate medical care.

The proposed reform is nowhere even close to socialized medicine, speaking as someone who experienced it in England for 15years. I wish it were.

And when did looking after your fellow countrymen's well-being turn into such a taboo to someone who claims to be Catholic or Christian anyway?

Janice said...

Sarah palin killed this health bill with one facebook post.
hb3200 is as dead as dead gets.

kathy said...

You have not been following the story. That "Sarah Palin" Facebook page was exposed as a fake.

Rustler45 said...

Well it looks like the results are in on the election. Obama has proved himself to be a fraud.