Friday, April 24, 2009



The Catholic Right, not satisfied with their campaign to deny the nation's first African American President the respect given to the person and office before him, has looked for and found another African American to direct its bile and unChristian lack of charity towards. Regular communicant Donna Brazile, is to receive an honorary degree from Xavier University. Xavier was founded to provide higher education to African American Catholics at the time conservative Catholics demanded that other Catholic school be segregated. These white conservative Catholics who never lifted a finger in the civil rights movement, now seek to tell Xavier who it may grant a degree to.

Xavier does not recognize these conservatives as its Master and will go ahead and honor Ms. Brazile.



Whenever a liberal begins to lose control of the debate, they play the race card. And you have done it.

Susan said...

The "Catholic Right?" Actually, Katherine it is Archbishop Hughes that is objecting to the whole thing. I suppose you consider him a racist? You are so silly.

Katherine said...

Whenever the question of race comes up, conservatives insist this is the one sin that has been totally overcome and no longer exists in any form, so any mention of it is inappropriate.

martin m said...

Good for Xavier University!!!!

Donna deserves it.


Actually, Katherine, you are once again changing the subject, like a good liberal.

You have stated that anyone opposed to her honor at Xavier is a racist.

No one has made any mention of it. It is you who have injected it into this.

Again, when all else fails, play the race card.

Brian said...

Back in March, you printed on this blog a long pastoral letter where Archbishop Hughes strongly spoke out about the sin of racism.

Now you are accusing him of being a part of the "white conservative Catholics who never lifted a finger in the civil rights movement."

The Archbishop has long been a voice against racism and has been at the forefront of fighting for victims of Katrina, but now he's a white conservative racist because he opposes a Catholic university honoring someone who holds beliefs that church doctrine says are evil.

It hurts those who are truly victims of racisms when such false accusations of racism are made.

Katherine said...

I didn't say anyone, but the Catholic Right surely has a sorry record on this

shiloh said...

hmm, changing the subject ?!? lol

During the campaign Obama was called by Republicans/fixednoise pundits ie Palin/Hannity/Limbaugh etc. a Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Islamo-Fascist, Satan, the devil, the anti-christ, Muslim, not an American citizen, Puff the magic Negro etc.

Yea, after (8) years of cheney/bush ie the economy, the military/bush caught w/its pants down on 9/11, torture, Katrina, port security, bogus Iraq War, political corruption, military fraud, waste and abuse, wealth redistribution favoring the top 5% of wage earners, sexual pervert scandals ie Mark Foley, Larry Craig, David Vitter, etc. the Rep Party ie the Party of No had nothing to run on, so yea, they changed the subject early and often.

And re: the Catholic church and sexually perverted, child molesting priests and changing the subject and cover-ups. The current Pope was a main cog in sweeping it all under the rug.

I've mentioned this a couple times previously. The abortion issue is a cash cow for the Rep Party, nothing more, nothing less. They don't want Roe v. Wade overturned 'cause then the money ie campaign contributions would dry up. The religious right is beginning to see how the Rep party has used them hook, line and sinker.

How sad for Reps that their only hope re: the election was the "Bradley Effect" ie racism. Sorry Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Coultergeist, Ingraham, Savage etc. the hate issues ie gay marriage, racism etc. (god, guns, gays) don't work anymore.

Enjoy your extended stay in the wilderness!

Am I still on topic? ;)

take care, blessings

p.s. Yea, the Reps are quite familiar w/changing the subject after (8) years of cheney/bush. The big question, will they let them appear at the 2012 Rep convention, hmm Rush Limbaugh will probably make that decision lol

I digress :)


Therefore, Katherine, since you have made that blanket statement, please prove it and don't just give one example, you should have hundreds to back up your claim.

Anonymous said...

Man, oh man. The folks at this blog like to play the race card. I objected to Biden speaking too for his anti-life positions. I think most people would say he is a white guy.........

Susan said...

Just because YOU say it, Katherine, does not make it so.